Applications for students to make notes and schedule their time

Applications for students to make notes and schedule their time

Proper note-taking techniques are vital for revision and comprehension by highlighting the key ideas in your work and links between various ideas. Unfortunately, taking a huge number of notes by hand is often a tedious and time-consuming process. Even worse, trying to listen to classes and take organized notes can prove a challenging undertaking. 


Additionally, managing your homework and balancing your study-life commitments may heap on your academic struggles. How can I do my math homework and stay on par with various commitments? This article will analyze some note-taking and time-management apps that ought to come in handy for convenient study.

Note-taking apps for students

1. Evernote


Evernote is a popular note-taking app with a vast range of free features that come in handy for various needs. This app is compatible with notes, audio and images, allowing students to store notes in any format they find convenient.

Evernote also allows students to sort their notes into categories and synchronize their accounts on multiple devices. The simple interface of Evernote is easy to maneuver, therefore, overcoming any learning curve that a student might encounter.

Evernote also allows you to search for related concepts by searching your keywords and color-coding portions of related notes in similar shades. 


2. Bear

Bear takes the art of note-taking a notch higher with the unique capabilities of grouping and linking portions of your notes. The app also allows you to add sketches and themes to your notes, helping you personalize and make visual cues relating to the concepts under discussion.

Bear also allows you to export notes in various formats. Like Evernote, you can easily search for ideas within your notes by running a search of the key phrase.


3. Inspiration maps

Mind mapping is a popular note-taking approach recognized for enhancing a learner’s capacity for recall and comprehension. The inspiration maps app is a great tool for condensing ideas and making easy-to-understand models. 

This app is also great for outlining your assignments and may be handy for English, History, Geography, and Science students.


4. Audio note

This tool is a must-item for auditory learners and students looking to make the most of their lecture sessions. This app allows a learner to record, type, or draw notes and coalesce these items into a single document.


With these, learners can dedicate their lesson time to listening to the lecture and taking their notes without worrying that they will miss out on crucial details. 


Time planning apps

1. Todoist

Todoist is a popular task manager with many free features that are convenient for students. This app allows students to organize, schedule, maintain and prioritize tasks based on various parameters e.g., urgency.

Todoist also allows you to sort tasks into various categories and add a description of tasks. We also find the reminders on the app of great benefit in reminding you of the commitments that are due. 


2. Rescue time

Unlike common time planners, this app allows students to track how they spend their time, helping students to maximize their productivity. The rescue time app also comes with multiple tools including a Pomodoro timer, a distraction blocker, a goal tracker, and a focus tool.

This app, therefore, caters to all the time management needs of a student, reducing the clutter of time management apps that could easily eat up a substantial amount of storage space. 


3. My homework student planner

This is yet another popular time management tool for students. This app is compatible with a vast range of devices and can be synchronized with multiple devices for easy updates and tracking of your assignments.

The app keeps track of assignments, tests, and projects and updates you on the due tasks, helping you prioritize your efforts for maximum productivity.


Final Take

We hope that the apps in this article help you to stay ahead of your assignments and ensure maximum productivity. Also, consider seeking help when you are swarmed with assignments, to stay ahead of deadlines without compromising the quality of your homework. 

Natalie Crawford
This article was written by Natalie a Guest at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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