Advice to people in leadership roles: A leadership manifesto

Advice to people in leadership roles: A leadership manifesto

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Below I share a leadership manifesto from my Twitter followers. I asked them what leadership advice they would give to any person in a leadership role in an organisation. They did not disappoint. They went into the heart of what makes leaders successful. I urge every leader to read this manifesto and align accordingly. None of the responses I am sharing below is offside.  


  1. Strategic planning is a skill you should master; its sacrosanct. Nothing happens by chance. Plan, then commit the plans to God.
  2. Be the answer to your subordinates growth and development.
  3. You need your team to achieve your goals. Your team needs an enabling environment to perform. Good corporate governance is critical and sustainable.
  4. Surround yourself with very competent people, inspire them, give them space to do what they were hired for and reward them well.
  5. One should consult, listen BUT still LEAD
  6. Have integrity and empathy. Fear God.
  7. See the bigger picture always, dont micromanage.
  8. Your juniors are also people with skills and know-how; value them.
  9. You are also an employee, and one day you will see the exit door. Some want to make themselves demigods.
  10. Be humble and do the right thing
  11. When the time to pass the baton comes, please pass it.
  12. The people you see on your way to the top are the same people you will see on your way down\" (Lucky Dube). Humility in the exercise of power is leadership par excellence.
  13. A good leader walks his talk!
  14. Lead and let others manage.
  15. Being a leader does not mean you always have the best ideas in the room; take time to listen to your subordinates also.
  16. Search the market and your competitors. Learn from those better than you in your game.
  17. A leader must be exemplary. Try by all means not to suppress your subordinates.
  18. Theres an incredibly high opportunity cost of good leadership, and yes, good leadership is the unseen enemy of great leadership, and many good leaders are shortchanging their organizations.
  19. Dont lead in such a way you lead your family at home.
  20. Say no to corruption
  21. Listen to understand, not to respond
  22. As long as youre selling your time for money, youre poor.
  23. Management < leadership
  24. Be humble and fair.
  25. Leadership position is not yours permanently. Its just your turn.
  26. Participating in workplace gossip means you encourage a toxic culture in the organization.
  27. Dont be too friendly. It clouds your judgement
  28. Please, by all means necessary, avoid management by threats.
  29. To make their followers feel like they are the owners of the organisation, the owners of the vision
  30. The success of an Organisation depends on the quality and characteristics of leadership.
  31. \"It is a great honour to lead, make the most of it; there might never be another chance. This is an opportunity to change lives, use it well & serve with honour
  32. HR resources are a key factor in the success of an organization.
  33. Respect all employees
  34. If you set out to be liked, you would be prepared to compromise on anything at any time, and you would achieve nothing
  35. Do not participate in corruption or nepotism
  36. Do the right thing!
  37. Develop Talent, Reward Innovation, Inspire Growth,
  38. Respect is not a one-way thing.
  39. Actively listen to your subordinates and be flexible enough to change things around.
  40. If you are in it for the power, resign tomorrow.



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