The is the Importance of Career Guidance for a Better Future

The is the Importance of Career Guidance for a Better Future

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Career guidance starts at an early age, where children are guided on the path that they wish to take in their future. Many schools are now offering these services to the children who learn there. Previously, the heads of schools would look at a child’s examination marks and base their future on the end result of those tests. As a result, many have gone into a profession that they do not enjoy but are in it because they excelled in that area during their school years. The push for career guidance counsellors to speak to students and hear what their passions are has been really helpful in identifying the strengths of each individual and allowing them to make a future of their own.

Career guidance becomes career planning when one enters an organisation as an employee. The employee’s performance is carefully looked at and there is regular feedback on where one is coming from and where they are possibly going in terms of their career. This article will speak to students and employees who would like to understand more on what career guidance and planning is. It has become a highly important topic of discussion which does not only benefit the individual but the organisation as well. This is a result of hiring an employee who is passionate and good at what they do.


What is Career Guidance?

Career guidance is the guidance given to individuals to help them acquire the knowledge, information, skills, and experience necessary to identify career options, and narrow them down to make one career decision. This career decision then results in their social, financial and emotional well-being throughout.

There are different ways in which one can be a part of career guidance and how it can benefit them:

  • With the growing use of technology, career guidance has become more reachable to more people. Online assessments are growing and the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) removes the error of human bias for a more accurate assessment. According to research, an advanced and trusted online assessment doesn’t let one choose just between the few tried-and-tested careers options. Psychometric assessments developed by researchers and psychologists ensure that career queries and problems are dealt with sincerity and backed by experience, knowledge and research. They are modern, and show the best-fit career matches on multiple parameters, such as interest, personality, emotional quotient, aptitude and orientation style. With such research and algorithms backed by the expertise of leading psychologists, the chances of falling into the wrong career decision trap minimalize.
  • Apart from the online system, for a more detailed and interactive experience, career guidance can also be done by career counsellors and experts in the field. Career counselling and extended support from experts. A career discovery report may not be enough to help decide what one’s true career calling is. One needs proper advice for career selection, and by proper advice - we mean an expert’s advice. Parents, teachers and friends might be knowledgeable and want the best, but it takes a little more to know what the heart wants, what the brain says and what the career demands. An expert career counsellor and guide would be right beside the student, guiding him/her for the right career and helping him/her work towards it.


Why is it Important?

Career guidance is important because it allows for individuals to choose the right path for their future. For people who find it difficult to choose the career that is right for them, a career guidance counsellor helps them sort this confusion and figure out what they would like. There are infinite career options available to choose from, and without an expert’s proper guidance, one might stick to a few that his/her friends or relatives ask him to pursue. An informed career guide makes one aware about the scope of every career option in detail, which widens the horizon for the student. For people who think they are clear on their career paths and have attained enough clarity to work towards a chosen career option, career guides ensure that they achieve their goals without any distractions.


What is Career Planning?

‘Career planning is a process of systematically matching career goals and individual capabilities with opportunities for their fulfilment’. Career planning is the process of enhancing an employee’s future value. Career planning encourages individuals to explore and gather information, which enables them to gain competencies, make decisions, set goals and take action. It is a very important phase of human resource development that helps the employees in making strategy for work-life balance.


Why is it Important for the Individuals?

  • It helps individuals develop skills required to fulfil different career roles.
  • It strengthens work-related activities in the organization.
  • It defines life, career, abilities, and interests of the employees.
  • It can also give professional directions, as they relate to career goals.


Why is it Important for the Organisation?
As previously mentioned, career guidance does not only benefit the individual but also the organisation in several ways such as:

  • To identify positive characteristics of the employees.
  • To develop awareness about each employee’s uniqueness.
  • To respect feelings of other employees.
  • To attract talented employees to the organization.
  • To train employees towards team-building skills.
  • To create healthy ways of dealing with conflicts, emotions, and stress.
  • To attract talented employees to the organization.
  • To train employees towards team-building skills.
  • To create healthy ways of dealing with conflicts, emotions, and stress.
  • Career planning ensures a constant supply of promotable employees.
  • It helps in improving the loyalty of employees.
  • Career planning encourages an employee’s growth and development.
  • It discourages the negative attitude of superiors who are interested in suppressing the growth of the subordinates.
  • It ensures that senior management knows about the calibre and capacity of the employees who can move upwards.
  • It can always create a team of employees prepared enough to meet any contingency.
  • Career planning reduces labour turnover.
  • Every organization prepares succession planning towards which career planning is the first step.

As a result, the organisation’s success is better realize because the employees who are working there are better aligned for the actual job that they are doing. When someone is in the wrong field, morale and motivation may be low, having a negative impact on the performance of the business as a whole.



As a whole, career guidance and career planning are extremely important for both the individual’s future and the success of the organisation. Parents for students need to realise the reason why career guidance is important. Pushing students to study and go into a field they are not keen on may really affect the future of that individual. Organisational managers need to realise the importance of going into career planning for their employees. Many may see it as a cost but in the long run, both sides (employees and the organisation) will benefit.

Thandeka Madziwanyika
This article was written by Thandeka a Guest at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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