7 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Reinventing Human Resources

7 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Reinventing Human Resources
Last Updated: August 27, 2023

Artificial Intelligence or AI is all about data, just like humans are about emotions and feelings. AI was introduced to us through Hollywood movies. Seeing the capabilities of AI in the movies, humans still don’t trust them completely. Many entities do not entrust AI with the core procedures of the business. While it is possible that robots will rule the world, the day is still quite far.


The present digital era has AI ingrained in most of the activities in the routine life of humans. Siri by Apple, Google Assistant, Alexa by Amazon, and Cortana by Microsoft are some of the prominent AI used these days. These personal assistants are present in tablets, desktops, smart watches, smartphones, smart speakers, and other smart devices.


AI has immense potential. It offers increased efficiency, and cost-effective solutions and adapts effortlessly to the situations. However, it requires knowledge and exposure to use AI for Lead management, recruitment, or other business requirements. Human resource departments use AI for conducting surveys, analyzing business-centric data, and gathering feedback.

The reinvention of Human Resources with AI


Human Resource Departments can make decisions thanks to extensive, specific, and valuable data provided by AI. Here are 7 ways Artificial Intelligence is reinventing human resources.

1. Recruitment and Acquisition

Hundreds of working hours are spent in the recruitment process. It involves scanning a number of resumes and online job profiles to hire a fitting employee. With the help of AI recruiting software, HR professionals can put into effect a non-biased process for onboarding candidates. AI also automates the task of candidate screening for HR.


AI offers intelligent hiring methods that help collect information from different social media profiles, online job records of the employees, and their educational qualifications. This helps improve the ranking system for the candidates.

2. Onboarding  

The use of AI tools does not stop at recruitment and acquisition. AI can be used for streamlining and improving the onboarding and training of employees. New-age companies invest a lot of time and effort in onboarding employees in a systematic manner. Giving attention to new employees in the present age is a must.


AI programs introduce new employees to different aspects. It makes the entire onboarding process effortless. Routine procedures of the organization can be understood easily through AI. Algorithms of AI are such that they help eliminate the onboarding and training challenges that new employees face. AI reduces the time spent by HR professionals in onboarding employees.

3. Training  

Artificial Intelligence offers different solutions to Human Resource departments for employee training and evaluation. The tools can be utilized for identifying skill gaps and developing specific programs for training employees. A lot of companies use e-learning programs for training employees. However, they are not as organized as AI tools.


AI offers a targeted learning experience to new employees. It even helps revolutionize staff analytics. The right use of AI helps identify bottlenecks in processes and transfer new employees from one department to the other. HR can create an efficient training process by entering the skills, expertise, and affinities of the new employees.

4. Administration

AI helps automate several administrative tasks of the HR department. Human Resource teams execute a number of correspondences, document submissions, email follow-ups, compliance management, payroll management, performance scrutinization, and other tasks on a routine basis. Such low-level tasks usurp a lot of time and energy of the department.


With AI, such work-level tasks can be automated. AI software is designed to handle the process of task assignment. It coordinates with the workforce and performs tasks in an organized fashion. It even streamlines the process of managing holidays and free days available to the employees.

5. Retention

The use of AI has helped HR teams in retaining employees. While AI cannot replace one-on-one meetings by HR, it can certainly help organizations reduce their retention challenges. The development of effective AI systems helps redirect employees to a development manager. When employees get access to a support system, their job satisfaction is quite high.


HR professionals are often occupied with repetitive tasks. When AI takes care of such tasks, HR teams can invest their energy in resolving complicated issues related to retention. Some AI systems are designed to recognize workers who are looking to exit the organization. The system analyzes the computer activities and browsing data of the employees. Based on this information, HR can take apt actions.

6. Schedule Maintenance

Most companies have cross-functional organizations. Depending on these, scheduling daily tasks becomes a tedious thing for human resource teams. Maintaining a daily calendar of activities goes to the back burner in such situations. HR often ignores such activities in wake of stress and a busy schedule.


AI tools can be effectively used for organizing and managing the personal calendar of every employee. It reminds them of upcoming activities, deadlines, meetings, and duties. With the maintenance of a daily schedule, employees get more time to focus on important tasks. All this helps increase productivity as well.

7. Response to Queries

AI has the capability to build human resource chatbots. Chatbots can be used for responding to queries of employees. Human resource professionals need to answer a number of questions from the employees, whether they are new or old. AI chatbots answer queries that are generally answered by HR professionals, saving their precious time.


With AI, human resources can save time that they spend on explaining the insurance policy of the organization, holidays and free days available to employees, management of expenses, and other related queries. As AI takes up such queries, HR can focus on creating a happy environment in the organization for employee productivity and satisfaction.

Challenges to consider

There are several benefits of utilizing AI technology for human resources and recruitment. However, AI has still not reached its highest potential in organizations. Human resource teams are still not accustomed to AI tools for certain tasks. For instance, teams personalize the feedback to candidates post the interview. They do not prefer using AI for the same.


The biggest setback of using AI is the lack of emotions and empathy. It cannot conduct interaction in the way humans do. It is difficult for AI to judge a candidate based on his/her behavior. While Artificial Intelligence handles repetitive and administrative tasks, more complex tasks involving human emotions can be handled easily by HR teams.


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