7 Things Veterans Should Consider Before Becoming a Truck Driver

7 Things Veterans Should Consider Before Becoming a Truck Driver
Last Updated: September 25, 2023

Transitioning to civil jobs can be challenging for veterans. After all those years working for the military, choosing a career might be challenging. Becoming a truck driver is a popular choice for veterans. 

Obtaining a new skill set might be a challenge for those with experience. However, you shouldn't have to be worried about that. Many skills you already acquired in the military can be transferred to your truck driving career. 

Knowing how much a truck driver makes, this job is an excellent opportunity for those willing to secure a steady and reliable income. Why should you consider becoming part of the trucking industry? Let's find out!

Quick start

If you decide to become part of the supply chain and deliver goods, gaining your certification and starting a job won't take long. You can obtain a CDL within a few months of starting in a driving school. You already have the soft skills needed to be a great truck driver. Also, remember that the G.I. Bill can cover your driving school costs.


High starting salary


We have good news for you if you have already obtained your CDL while in the military. Trucking companies will acknowledge the certificate and your experience, thus offering a high starting salary. 

Don't be desperate if you didn't get CDL but still have military driving experience. You can be eligible for the FMCSA's military skills test waiver in such cases. The ones with at least 2 years of driving experience won't have to do the CDL tests since this program waives them. 

Many job opportunities

The trucking industry is experiencing a shortage of drivers, so securing a stable job is easy. With so many opportunities available, you can find the right fit for your specific needs. You can choose whether to cover local routes and return home every day or embark on a fun week-long journey across the states.

Travel experience

Many enjoyed that their military job allowed them to see the world. Now, they want to continue to travel and explore new places. In such cases, the truck driving career is a great fit. You get to travel across the states and enjoy new destinations while getting paid for it. Use your free time to explore the local landmarks and have a tourist experience.

Stable salary and benefits

Landing a job in a good trucking company means a stable salary and a wide range of benefits. Retirement planning, bonuses, paid vacation days, and health insurance are some benefits you can gain as a truck driver. 

Home time options

Some might not like truck drivers being away from home for weeks. Luckily, the industry offers many opportunities, and the idea of a driving job evolved. Many companies provide home time options so drivers can spend quality time with their family and friends. Some will offer regional routes, allowing you to return home at least once a week. Therefore, being away from home doesn't have to stop you from becoming a truck driver.


Many military skills overlap with truck driver skills, so you already have what it takes. Discipline, leadership, communication, and situational awareness are essential skills you already have. 

Final thoughts

Transitioning to a civil career doesn't have to be difficult for veterans. A truck driving job is an excellent choice for those in doubt. You can quickly obtain a CDL if you haven't already in your military career. Also, you have the skills required to become a good truck driver. 

Cindy Baker
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