7 Amazing Tactics To Promote Happy Employees

7 Amazing Tactics To Promote Happy Employees

Employers around the world are constantly looking for ways to ensure their employees are happy. A lot of research has been done into this and for the most part, even just a few adjustments can make a huge difference to teams performing better.


Although there are many different tactics companies can employ to ensure their workers are content, some of the most successful strategies include the understanding that when employees' needs are satisfied, they become happier overall.

Looking at statistics from a Healthline article, 70 percent of workers in America are disengaged, costing the economy a staggering $500 million per year. Another article from the said site shows women who work 55 hours a week are more likely to suffer from depression than those who don’t.


With this said, businesses who want to see improvements in client retention, the business' bottom line, and the overall happiness of team members will have to review their systems, processes and procedures to promote happy employees. Below are some simple and innovative ways to achieve this:


1. Provide employees with the tools they need

They say that a person's work is only as good as their tools, which can ring true regardless of what tools teams are using across every industry and business niche. Typically we may default to thinking of manual tools but this spans just as much to digital administrative tools and management software that teams are using to carry out their work online. 


Regularly research the best and most applicable tools to facilitate your employees being able to do their best. Fortunately, with so many modern business applications similar to that offered by Jobber, it is becoming easier for companies to find the best solutions.


Software such as this is becoming vital to businesses looking to improve their general functioning with regards to time management, project management and accounting. Furthermore, it can be a  surprisingly affordable way to keep your employees productive and happy. 


When asked, employees will generally attest that the mundane, menial tasks that take up so much of their precious time are the ones that make them the most unhappy. So, even simple additions like taking advantage of this downloadable free invoice template can make a big difference for administrative staff. 


2. Hire the best candidates for the position


It might go without saying for some businesses, but some companies still hire candidates according to their credentials on paper and not because they’ll be a good fit for the company and existing team. A candidate is so much more than their qualifications; they also need to have skill sets and values that compliment the business looking to hire them.


When candidates fit in with their peers, they are happier at work and more willing to contribute to the team. Suppose the company only chose them for their academic achievements - it may leave the rest of the team doubting themselves and their abilities and resent the new team member. In the end, companies take the risk of having more than one unhappy team member in the process.


3. Ensure team members feel appreciated

A simple “thank you” could go a long way toward keeping employees happy. Companies must let their workers know they appreciate their service, dedication, and effort. They must do it publicly in front of their team members for the best results. 


Moreover, letting employees understand that they’re valuable to the company gives them a sense of pride in what they do. Another way of showing team member appreciation could be to give them added responsibility or purpose, which provides them with added meaning to their lives, improving their overall wellness and happiness levels.


4. Promote a healthy work culture

A popular notion in the business world is that employees don't quit their jobs; they quit the company. To further explain this, employees tend to love what they do but could dislike the company culture, management styles of superiors, or their co-workers for various reasons.


It’s then up to the company to improve its culture so that employees remain motivated and comfortable in their workspaces. Holding different company events or team-building sessions that involve the whole company can foster trust and transparency. It can open channels for communication that team members so desperately need to remain happy at work.


5. Support a growth strategy for employees

As mentioned here, giving employees new responsibilities will increase their happiness. But the question remains: How do team members successfully transition into this new role? The answer is simple: Provide them with mentorship or training.


Companies that choose to invest time and money in their employees for training, development, and growth will make their teams realize that they care and want the employees to be part of the business for a long time. The feeling of importance could make employees feel happy about their position with the company and that their careers have direction, making them happy.


6. Recognize the teams' strengths and weaknesses

A business that doesn't recognize its employees' strengths and weaknesses operates with its head in the sand. Mechanisms must be in place for employees to be informed of their strengths and weaknesses. This could come in the form of a good performance evaluation system.


Leaving team members to their devices could make them frustrated and unhappy when they know they cannot give their best performance for whatever reason. Asking them for feedback on where they see potential pitfalls, and trying to understand where they are coming from, will make them feel included in the decision-making process and that the company hears their concerns.


7. Allow for a good work-life balance

Simply put: Life happens. Whether planned or unplanned, team members need time to sort out personal matters from time to time. Thus, companies that allow their workers to make their home life happy will have more content workers at the office.


Although teams could lose some official work hours in the office when they need to sort out personal issues, the business could be empathetic and offer assistance to employees where they need it, like arranging for them to work from home when their child is ill. With good intentions, the company should see the staff member's happiness improve, which could bolster productivity on other days.


The final word

Having happy employees shouldn't be a challenging accomplishment when companies change their tactics to add more of what will improve the work environment. Although happiness is subjective, most employers can enhance the mood of their workers by showing that the latter have a lot of value and by appreciating loyalty.


Finally, employees will soon realize the improvements and appreciate the company that makes them happy to be a part of the team. It’ll also spill over in their relationships with others when they share their new-found enthusiasm with the rest of the team and their customers.

Nicholas Mushayi
Super User
This article was written by Nicholas a Super User at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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