5 Key Tips for Keeping Your Contractors and Freelancers Happy

5 Key Tips for Keeping Your Contractors and Freelancers Happy

As a business owner, you want to keep your business running as smoothly as possible. This includes treating your freelancers well so they stay with you and give their best for the company.


So, if you want to steer clear of unprofessional contractors and freelancers who flake, it's important to have a good freelance management system in place. But having the latest organization software is not enough—you should also make sure that your workforce is happy by implementing the following strategies into your everyday work routine.

Have Freelance Management Software in Place

Having freelance management software for your company can be hugely beneficial. It helps to simplify processes, streamline communication and manage tasks efficiently. By doing so, it ensures that all parties involved in the freelancing process, from managers to freelancers, are well-informed and on top of their workloads.


With the right software, you can also find and hire the best freelancers for your projects quickly and easily. The software makes it easy to track progress, manage payments and collaborate with remote teams in real time. Additionally, you can use the software to ensure that all freelancing contracts are properly negotiated and signed off on.


By using freelance management software, you’ll be able to stay organized and save time managing your projects. It also gives you more control over the project, enabling you to easily track deadlines, budgeting, and other important details. The software can also be used to implement processes that help ensure quality standards are met throughout the entire project.


Give Them the Same Treatment as Any Other Employee


When it comes to maintaining a healthy workplace, freelancers and contractors should be given the same respect, appreciation, and benefit of the doubt that you'd give to regular employees. As employers, it's important to remember that freelance and contract workers are just as capable as your full-time staff members. They deserve equal professional consideration in terms of their wages, working conditions, job security, and other employment benefits.


When managing freelancers or contractors, it's important to provide clear communication and instructions. Make sure that expectations are established by clearly laying out deadlines, deliverables, payment terms, and other key information upfront. Additionally, check in regularly with your non-traditional workers to ensure they have the resources, support, and guidance needed to deliver quality work.


Train Them as Well

Training freelancers and contractors is essential for any organization that depends on them to help carry out its mission. It's important to give them the same level of training as you would regular employees, so they can be successful in their roles. This isn't always easy, since freelancers and contractors may not have the same access to resources or time for in-person training as regular employees.


However, there are still ways to ensure that freelancers and contractors receive the same quality of training as your other staff such as zoom meetings, having in-person meet-ups once a month, and providing online resources and tutorials.



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Time Flexibility Will Increase Their Productivity

Freelancers and contractors alike need flexibility in their work, not only to manage multiple clients but also to accommodate personal and family obligations. Time flexibility can provide the freedom for freelancers and contractors to create their own schedule that works best for them so they don’t have to sacrifice quality work or life balance.


Time flexibility can also help increase productivity and work satisfaction for freelancers and contractors. By allowing them to create their own schedule, they can be more creative in managing their workloads, taking breaks when needed, and focusing on the tasks that are most important. This creates a better overall working environment because it helps to ensure that workers are not too exhausted or burned out and perform at their best.


Communication Is the Key

Effective communication with freelancers and contractors is essential in order to build productive relationships that result in successful projects. To ensure that your conversations are as effective as possible, there are several key things to keep in mind. You need to create a clear set of expectations for the job at hand. You should also communicate with them throughout the day, asking about their advance in the task and whether they experience some trouble. And most importantly, you need to ask them for feedback.


Bottom Line

Hiring a freelancer is mostly about developing a healthy relationship from the get-go. As long as you're respectful, make sure they understand your expectations and give them what they need to work productively. This way you'll be heading in the right direction and you'll be on the path to success.

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