5 Great Careers to Consider if You Love to Work With Your Hands

5 Great Careers to Consider if You Love to Work With Your Hands

Finding a job you love, and that gives you satisfaction, is a goal worth having. And if you’d rather not spend the rest of your working life in an office, there are lots of careers which let you get stuck in manually.


If you’re struggling to work out what your dream job is, read on for an investigation into some of the best roles that involve your hands as well as your gray matter.

Training in carpentry

Becoming a carpenter gives you all sorts of options in terms of where you take your career. You could get a job as part of a construction company, and complete joinery and other duties for projects of all sizes. You could set up your own artisanal workshop, from which you hand-make amazing wooden furniture for customers from far and wide.


There are a few routes to attaining mastery of carpentry. You could look for an apprenticeship, or you could receive training as part of a work placement. It’s even possible to pick it up as a hobby and teach yourself if you’ve got the space and the time to commit to this, as well as a good grasp of workplace safety so that you aren’t putting yourself in harm’s way.


Working in a machine shop


If carpentry is a more traditional, old-school form of manufacturing, then machine shops are the modern equivalent, allowing businesses to produce parts, components, and full-blown products using a range of equipment and techniques.


From milling, lathing, and 3D printing to laser cutting, VMC machining, and beyond, there are all sorts of skills to specialize in. And while automation has entered machine shops in a big way over the past few decades, there are still lots of hands-on aspects of the job, whether that’s repositioning workpieces, programming CNC gear or putting together separate parts of a product to make a whole.


Unleashing your creativity as a chef

The catering industry is vast, and the opportunities for experienced, skilled individuals who know how to prepare food to a professional level are many and varied.


Chefs in all restaurants have to work with their hands throughout each shift, turning raw ingredients into delicious dishes. And while newcomers will spend their time following established recipes and procedures, the higher up the food chain you get, the more room for creativity there will be.


Top chefs can turn their culinary abilities into media careers, and even if this isn’t your aim, you can still find a rewarding role in the kitchen, working behind the scenes to satisfy diners.


Making your way as a mechanic

Automotive mechanics, like chefs, are always in demand, as car ownership is at record levels, and with modern vehicles being so much more complex, there’s a lot more to go wrong, and thus an increased need for professional assistance.


Working on a car to troubleshoot and fix faults, or repair obvious issues, is ideal for anyone who wants to work with their hands but doesn’t want to have to worry about any especially creative aspects, unlike carpenters or chefs.

A career as a heavy equipment mechanic is also an exciting and rewarding choice for those who love problem-solving, have a passion for machinery, and enjoy hands-on work. These skilled professionals specialize in diagnosing, repairing, maintaining, and ability to replace damaged components with aftermarket parts, working tirelessly behind the scenes to keep construction sites, mines, and other industrial settings running smoothly.


Of course the more experienced you become, the more you’ll understand about the inner workings of engines, and you could take your mechanic skills and apply them to things like tuning, attracting a whole new customer base in the process.


Commanding the casino floor as a croupier

Croupiers, also known as dealers, are the people who oversee a variety of games at land-based casinos the world over.


A dealer is obviously essential in card games like poker, blackjack, and baccarat, and watching the hands of a skilled croupier slide deftly over a deck of cards is mesmerizing. They also play a part in other games like roulette, where being in complete control of the movement of your hands is just as vital.


Wrapping up

A career in a manual profession is not for everyone, but for plenty of prospective employees, it’s precisely what they need out of a job.


We have only covered a few of the options out there, and there are many more to check out, so don’t be dissuaded if you’ve not seen a role that appeals; just keep searching!

Nicholas Mushayi
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This article was written by Nicholas a Super User at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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