5 Best Background Check Sites For Accurate Results In 2024

5 Best Background Check Sites For Accurate Results In 2024
Last Updated: June 4, 2024


Every person makes a difference in the development of the company. Every firm should therefore take care while selecting the best talent. One of the most important phases of the HR hiring process is the background investigation. It entails taking several actions to perform background checks on applicants before hiring them. The process includes, among other things, looking into applicants' financial situation, criminal past, and employment history. It is a task that takes some time and effort. Yet, there are outstanding background check businesses that support businesses in BGV.


What Includes Background Checks in India?

Background check companies typically conduct the following checks on employees/candidates:

  • Passport verification
  • Address verification
  • Professional Credentials
  • Personal character references
  • Credit score
  • Qualification verification
  • Criminal record check
  • Police verification
  • Drug screening and more

Why Are Background Checks in India Necessary?

There are several reasons why background checks are necessary for all organizations in India. Candidates with clear records can contribute better to the organization's success. Here are some other reasons:

  • It discloses all the required facts about the candidate before hiring. 
  • It helps to safeguard the company's assets and ensure workplace safety. 
  • It upholds an organization's reputation, integrity, and credibility.
  • It prevents companies from hiring people with criminal records and flawed characters. 
  • It ensures co-workers', customers and clients' safety.
  • It gives an overview of employees' performance in previous organizations.
  • It prevents companies from negligent hiring.
  • It saves the company cost, time and resources in the long run. 
  • It prevents potential cybercrimes and sensitive data theft.

Top 5 Indian Background Verification Companies in 2023 

A good background verification company can assist hiring managers and business owners with performing timely and accurate checks on applicants. Here are fives such companies:

1. QVerify: Established in 2008, QVerify is one of the top background verification companies offering cost-effective and reliable verification services. Organizations that want to confirm essential details about potential employees can sign up with QVerfiy to get the job done. The company offers verification across India, and the data are kept 100% confidential. The reports are available 24/7 on the real-time dashboard provided to the organization. They confirm all the information given by the candidate during the hiring process to weed out potential fraud.  

Services Provided by QVerify:

  • Employment check
  • Professional references
  • Education History
  • Criminal police records
  • Address visit
  • Indian & global database check
  • Identity check and more

2. Millow: Millow is another well-known background check company in India offering comprehensive verification services through its automated platform. It includes collecting information about a candidate's integrity, previous work experiences, and more to gauge the best match for employment. The company believes in innovating the verification process while sustaining the highest screening standards. They offer background check solutions to all businesses, including corporate, startups, medium and large scale, to make the best hiring decisions:

Services Provided by Millow:

  • Criminal record
  • Credit checks
  • Identity checks
  • Employment history
  • Public information verification 
  • Social media channel checks 
  • Drug test check
  • OFAC and more

3. BetterPlace: Founded in 2015, BetterPlace is one of the most trusted companies offering background verification services with accurate results. It provides a complete end-to-end HRMS software solution that covers various HRM functions, including BGV. With the advanced BGV configuration, the software does in-depth background checks to eliminate errors in the manual BGV process. The organization can initiate BGV directly from the platform once the employee is onboard. Moreover, BetterPlace offers multiple reports that help the organization build a solid and safe workplace for all. 

Services Provided by BetterPlace:

  • Identity check
  • Police verification
  • Court record check
  • Address verification
  • Employment check
  • Qualification check
  • Drug test checks and more

4. IDfy: Established in 2011, IDfy is a Mumbai-based company providing background verification checks to various organizations. It aims to reduce discrepancies in the employee hiring process. The company believes that verification needs to be even more robust, as many organizations have moved to work remotely. Fake degrees, certificates and other credentials have become easier to obtain. Hence, it is pivotal for companies to verify the background of their employees to combat potential fraud and create a healthy work environment. 

Services Provided by IDfy:

  • Identity verification
  • Court record check
  • Database check
  • Address verification
  • Past work history
  • Criminal record 
  • Educational credentials and more

5. Auth Bridge: Founded in 2005, Auth Bridge understands even a minor glitch in the hiring process can lead to disastrous outcomes for a company. Hence, Auth Bridge provides a real-time verification screening process that gives 10x faster and more accurate results. They have a platform called iBridge that automates the entire hiring process, including background verification. Employees can upload all documents and information on their onboarding documentation tool, which the recruiter can cross-reference. 

Services Provided by Auth Bridge: 

  • Identity verification
  • Education check
  • Address check
  • Criminal record check
  • Police verification 
  • Reference check and more


One of the most costly and time-consuming investments businesses make is hiring and onboarding new employees. By doing background checks and providing employment opportunities to the top applicant, they can best protect this investment. Particularly when employing managers, it is a short-term investment with long-term results. Not only would hiring the best background check business to complete BGV save time and money, but it will also safeguard the organization's credibility and reputation. Thus, the investment is worthwhile!

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