5 Benefits of Having an HR Contact Center

5 Benefits of Having an HR Contact Center

Contact centers are used for customer interactions. Companies can provide efficient technical support, customer assistance or sales through various channels. These contact centers usually use call centers but also other channels. They can communicate with their customers through emails, social media or chat services. But what is an HR contact center? And why does your company need one?


An HR contact center is exactly what the name implies. It’s a contact center for human resources. Customer contact centers cater to your company’s customers, while an HR contact center caters to your employees. They will be in charge of responding to your employee’s questions and concerns. This is done through an omnichannel contact center system. Now, what is the difference between multichannel and omnichannel contact centers?

Multichannel vs. Omnichannel Contact Center 

Some people may use multichannel and omnichannel interchangeably. But, there is a big difference between multichannel and omnichannel. These two types of systems both use multiple channels to achieve their goals. 


A multichannel contact center has an agent specializing in a particular channel. A user can access multiple channels, but these channels are independent of each other. Multichannel contact center agents are usually unaware of your interactions with other channels. This would imply that you would have to file a different interaction per channel. 


A contact center omnichannel would involve one agent operating across channels. A user would only have to enter their data or concern once. Then, an agent will be able to help you across channels seamlessly. You can continue your interactions with your agent from one channel to the next. 


There are benefits for the two different types:

A multichannel contact center can provide a much more specialized and detailed experience. This is because your agent only has to deal with your concerns on one channel. This channel can also be of better quality. At the same time, an Omni contact center would seamlessly handle your concern from start to end. Omnichannel contact centers provide better customer support and less hassle. 


HR contact centers would be utilizing the omnichannel contact center network to cater to your employee’s concerns. But would it be worth the investment? 



Human Resources is Vital to Employee Morale And Satisfaction

Your employees are what make your company. They are the gears to your well-oiled machine. If one of these parts falls apart, your company will cease to work properly. Having good human resources helps your company be aware of its benefits and rights in the company. Having HR present and always available is important. This would be a great help in increasing employee usefulness and productivity. They can aid in employee retention and protect your relationship with your employees. 


So why should you have an HR contact center? What benefits can you get from investing in an Omni contact center for human resources? 


1. It Provides Immediate Help 

When you automate your human resource management, you can help your employees much faster. Traditional human resources would need your employee to schedule a 1-on-1 talk with a human resource employee or manager. There they would then talk out your employee’s concerns. 


Having an HR contact center would allow you to do this same process over a channel. This could be through chat support or a call. You wouldn’t have to schedule a physical appointment with a contact center because they are always present to listen to your concerns. 


2. You Can Pre-Screen Concerns 

When you have an HR contact center, you can set it up so that you can see the employee's concerns before you even assign an agent to talk to them. You can then pre-screen their concern and assign them to an agent specializing in this specific problem.


This would save time in having an employee passed from one HR employee to another. This process would lead them straight to the person they need to talk to. It saves you the time and effort of both parties! 


3. It Helps Your Company Target Employee Concerns Accurately 

This is related to the second benefit. You can pre-screen concerns and lead them to the agent specializing in your employee’s particular needs. These specialized agents are already armed with the accurate information that your employee may be looking for. Since they are the ones who have handled the same concerns in the past. 


They will also get better and more familiar with your employee’s concerns over time. This will help them target and resolve these situations accurately when they encounter them in the future. 


4. You Can Identify Trends and Key Problems 

Having an automated HR contact center provides you with data. These data will be more detailed compared to what manual human resources can give you. This is because a contact center may have pre-recorded responses. A contact center may be able to tell what kind of responses employees are looking for through this data. They can also measure call durations and the number of calls used for discussing particular topics. 


This kind of data helps your HR contact center pinpoint what problems your employees usually have trouble with. They can also see what kind of resolutions your employees prefer. 


5. Cut Administrative Costs and Increase Efficiency 

The bulk of your human resources workload can be done automatically by an HR contact center. This gives your HR employees more time and space to do their other duties. These duties involve recruiting, hiring and onboarding. An HR contact center cannot do these tasks, and your employees should focus on these.


Not only does having an HR contact center help cut administrative costs by automating tasks. It increases the efficiency of your human resources as well. 


Your HR contact center can provide help to your existing employees. Your in-house human resources can take care of your potential employees. Both tasks are important, and it is important to allocate them properly! We hope you gained a lot of insight from our article and we wish you the best of luck! 

Dan Martin
This article was written by Dan a Guest at Industrial Psychology Consultants (Pvt) Ltd

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