3 Ways To Quickly Hire Top Dental Talent For Your Office

3 Ways To Quickly Hire Top Dental Talent For Your Office

As in every industry, dental offices sometimes face staffing shortages. Keeping your dental practice staffed while maintaining the highest quality of patient care might be challenging, especially when finding quality staff is time-consuming, and patient demand fluctuates. A study by the American Dental Association shows that more than 80 percent of dentists say the recruitment process is highly challenging. And according to a TempMee office in Houston, finding the talent and staff you need may be, at times, overwhelming, especially if you need help figuring out where to start. Here are three ways to quickly hire top dental talent.

#1. Use a Dental Temp Staffing Platform

A dental staffing agency is an incredible resource to use whenever you want to find suitable candidates. Whether you want to fill staff gaps, cover for vacancies due to illness or vacation, or use the opportunity to know a dental professional before offering them a full-time job position, utilizing a temporary dental staffing platform makes sense.


A dental temp platform serves as the primary recruiting source for dental offices, practices, and dental hygienists. There are many reasons why you should choose a dental temp platform, including:


●      Save time

●      Reduce costs

●      Help make hiring decisions easier

●      It will weed out unqualified candidates

●      You can quickly increase your staff during busy periods

●      It is simple to transition temporary dental workers to permanent positions

●      Increases productivity for everyone


Staffing shortages in dental offices and practices generally result in the inability to meet patients' demands and inhibits them from growing. Access to qualified dental hygienists can allow you to operate at or near capacity, broadening your scope of services without compromising patient care.


#2. Use Your Website

If optimized, your website can act as a great recruitment tool. Prospective dental hygienists can look through your website to get a feel for day-to-day life in your office. Moreover, the second most-visited page on a website is generally your team page. To optimize your dental website for staff recruitment, try to add a career page so dental hygienists can easily find your postings.


You can add individual pages for every job linked from the careers page. This will eventually make the posting easy for prospective candidates to locate. It will also help search engines, such as Google, show your website when people are searching for dental hygienists job near them.

#3. Use Facebook to Attract New Staff

More than 71 percent of the U.S. population currently uses Facebook, so finding your best candidate is just an advertisement away. You can post an open position on your Facebook business page, including links to your careers page so interested people can go to your website and learn more.


Use positive messaging, high-quality team images, and strong calls to action. After posting the positions, you can boost the posts to reach a wider audience. For example, if you want to hire dental hygienists in Houston, you can target Houston in your ad radius. Better yet, you can advertise your newly open positions with Facebook Ads, which allows you to run your ads longer than a boosted post.


Office efficiency and patient care are some of the main goals of any dental practice, but these can only be accomplished when you are fully staffed. While you want quality dental talent, your practice must be a good fit for them. You can identify these potential matches and convince talented passive candidates why they should join your dental practice.



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