12 Best IT Recruiting Agencies

12 Best IT Recruiting Agencies

Finding the proper personnel to drive your organization's digital transformation is essential in the constantly changing information technology (IT) landscape. As technology becomes more crucial to businesses across industries, demand for qualified IT specialists keeps rising. Partnering with the top IT hiring firms might be a tactical benefit while navigating this competitive and dynamic sector. Here are the 12 best IT recruiting agencies that can help you in your endeavours.

1. Insight Global

insights global

Started in 2001, Insight Global is a leading staffing company that serves numerous clients in the US and Canadian markets. It was founded on the idea that staffing is less about financial gains and corporate inroads than genuine relationships and meaningful impact. Their services include long-term contracts, short-term contracts, temporary-to-permanent placements, direct hiring, and enhanced staffing services. The company has developed expertise in placing contract job seekers within key sectors such as information technology, accounting and finance, engineering (non-IT), and government roles.

Year Founded: 2001     CEO: Bert Bean      Website: Insight Global

2. Epitec



Epitec specializes in IT, Engineering and professional staffing services. The company was started in 1978 and has since built a solid reputation for high customer service. At the heart of Epitec is the people-first approach to customers and job seekers. It is a recipient of numerous awards from various professional bodies and publications. This stands as a testament to the excellent work that the organization has been doing.

Year Founded: 1978      CEO: Josie Sheppard      Website: Epitec

3. RightStone

Founded in 1996, RightStone is the go-to agency for IT staffing. From 2017 to 2022, Rightstone has been named in the ClearlyRated's Best Staffing awards category. One of its compelling selling points is its tailored approach to place IT professionals. It provides good candidates both on qualifications and culture fit. Instead of simply filling vacancies, the firm builds lasting relationships with employers and job seekers.

Year Founded: 1996      MD: Jeff Koc      Website: RightStone

4. Bridge Technical Talent

Bridge Technical Talent emphasizes cost effectiveness, expert opinion, low risk and advanced insights as key benefits organizations can enjoy when partnering. The company specializes in IT staffing and workforce solutions for businesses. It provides customized hiring solutions that uniquely answer the organization's staffing needs. This award-winning firm was founded over 20 years ago and has offices in Massachusetts, Rhodes Island and New York.

Founded: 2002      CEO: James Wright      Website: Bridge Technical Talent

5. Randstad

Innovating HR technology with human understanding to power solutions like on-site management, RPO, and outplacement services has earned Randstad a reputation for excellence. They provide answers for the projects and difficulties your IT business faces by taking a personalized approach to technology consulting.

For you to better understand the workforce and grow your business, Randstad conducts independent studies of employers and employees.

Founded: 1960      Website: Randstad

6. LaSalle Network

To link people and businesses for mutual success, LaSalle Network focuses on developing solid, long-lasting relationships with its clients and applicants. To assist businesses in hiring the best candidates to fuel their success and expansion, they offer customized staffing and talent solutions.

LaSalle Network is an award-winning staffing, recruiting and culture firm headquartered in Chicago. It was started in 1998. LaSalle Network offers training sessions to help recruiters develop their ability to match talent with expanding firms successfully.

Year Founded: 1998      MD: Tom Gimbel      Website: LaSalle Network

7. Lucas Group

Lucas Group, a division of Korn Ferry that specializes in hiring, scans the international market for positions in sales, manufacturing, marketing, supply chain, and IT. According to Forbes' rankings of America's Best Professional Recruiting Firms in 2021, the company came in ninth. Lucas Group was founded in 1970. Lucas Group also provides services to the consumer, healthcare, legal, manufacturing, oil and gas, and technology sectors.

Founded: 1970      CEO: James Wright      Website: Lucas Group

8. Manpower

The goal of Manpower is to match people with fulfilling careers and support businesses in achieving their objectives by supplying them with the best talent. On a global level, they have a lengthy history and a solid reputation for their workforce solutions. The leader in contingent and permanent workforce solutions worldwide is Manpower. With a spectrum of staffing options, they offer the agility organizations require. By utilizing our well-known brands, we have expanded our talent pool and can now give our clients quicker access to the candidates they require.

Website: Manpower

9. Frontline Source Group

Frontline Source Group offers managerial and professional staffing options to companies in various industries.

Frontline Source Group aims to link qualified people with businesses looking for their expertise and supply firms with top talent to fuel their development. They put a major emphasis on satisfying clients and candidates while providing tailored staffing solutions.

Frontline was founded in 2004 by President and CEO Bill Kasko and is one of the nation's fastest-growing placement companies.

Founded: 2004      CEO: Bill Kasko      Website: Frontline Source Group

10. Toptal

Toptal stands out from many other staffing firms since it has access to a wide range of the sector's best business and technology professionals. The majority of their talent operates remotely from various locations. Toptal was first created as a marketplace for independent contractors, but it has now become a top location for Fortune 500 organizations looking to hire the greatest talent. Toptal initially just had tech experts on staff, but as time passed, they grew their network to include designers, financiers, and other professionals. A talent matcher matches businesses with the best candidates for those companies to work on hourly, part-time, or full-time contracts.

CEO: Taso Du Val     Website: Toptal

11. Aerotek

Leading international staffing and recruiting firm Aerotek focuses on offering workforce solutions for various industries.

To assist businesses achieve their objectives, Aerotek's mission is to link them with high-caliber personnel. They concentrate on providing workforce solutions across various industries that increase productivity, efficiency, and success for clients and candidates.

Website: Aerotek

12. Jobspring Partners

Deep experience in the most in-demand tech skill sets is provided by Jobspring Partners, including UI/UX, open source, mobile, Microsoft development, data science, AI, DevOps/Infrastructure, and network security. Their high-touch, highly specialized teams build deep networks, amass in-depth knowledge of regional technology markets, and have an exceptional track record of success.

You can find Jobspring Partners nationwide, providing contract, contract-to-hire, and direct-hire positions. Their current locations include Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Charlotte, Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Orange County, and Toronto.

Website: Jobspring Partners

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