10 Tips For A Mobile-Friendly HR Department

10 Tips For A Mobile-Friendly HR Department
Last Updated: June 12, 2023

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, having a mobile-friendly HR department has become less of a luxury—more like a necessity. More importantly, today's workforce expects quick, efficient, and convenient HR solutions. They want to access them anytime, anywhere.

This urgency could stem from around 97% of Americans owning a mobile device. Studies confirm this statistic and other overwhelming evidence that mobile devices are the way of the future.


Advantages Of Mobile Apps For HR

Before getting to the tips on how to implement a mobile-friendly strategy, it’s essential to understand the benefits of mobile applications for an HR department.

  •  Speed: HR officials must immediately complete their tasks in a fast-paced business. With a mobile application assisting them, they don't have to worry about efficiency as they can submit paperwork and more from the convenience of their device.
  • Convenience: HR departments can access resources and team member information outside the office. For example, if they attend a hearing of a team member or visit a different branch, they can still get onto the HR system if needed.
  • Accuracy: Human error could be inevitable. Despite that, correcting these errors has never been easier than quickly logging onto the system and re-entering the information.
  • Engagement: Everyone is so used to having their mobile devices with them all the time that they’re happy to have a more engaging platform for their work too. It plays right into how most modern people communicate, thus improving their engagement with each other and the company.
  • Productivity: Easy access to everything the HR team may need makes them more productive. They don't have to wait for someone to find a document, deliver it, and finish a task.

But how exactly do you streamline your HR department to meet these demands and reap the benefits? With solutions like Word to PDF | Convert Your Doc to PDF Online for Free, it’d make sense to allow the HR department to streamline their daily functions from their mobile devices.

Becoming A Mobile-Friendly HR


Now that it's clear why mobile-friendly options could benefit the company and the employees, it's time to delve into the tips for putting them into practice. Below are some of the golden tips to help you take your HR department mobile and meet the needs of your modern workforce:


1. Adopt A Mobile-First Approach 

The cornerstone of a mobile-friendly HR department is adopting a mobile-first strategy. It could mean prioritizing mobile device accessibility when designing HR processes and tools. Although some companies have a no-phone policy, it may be time to rethink this and adapt to the digital age. Furthermore, a mobile-first approach ensures that HR services are accessible, intuitive, and user-friendly on mobile platforms.

2. Leverage Mobile HR Applications. 

Using mobile applications tailored explicitly for HR is another crucial step toward achieving a mobile-friendly HR department. These applications allow employees to access essential HR services like the ones listed here:

  •  Manage leave applications
  • View or send team member pay slips
  • Team member directories and information
  • Receive new employment requests
  • Tracking of the new applicant process
  • Proceed with digital onboarding
  • Conduct team member exit procedures
  • Review and manage timesheet data
  • Communication channels like instant messaging
  • Monitor and track training programs
  • Complete digital performance reviews

When HR teams have these features at their fingertips, they can quickly and efficiently handle HR matters arising throughout the day.

3. Invest In Mobile HR Software

Companies often neglect the importance of the right tools when creating a mobile-friendly HR department. Moreover, mobile software solutions simplify HR processes and enhance data security. They also allow seamless integration with other business software, creating a unified, efficient, and secure platform for all HR functions.


4. Train Your HR Team On Mobile Technologies 

Training is essential to leverage mobile technologies effectively. Your HR team should be well-versed in using mobile devices, applications, and software if they want to handle all their daily tasks successfully.
Therefore, regular training sessions will ensure they remain updated with the latest mobile HR trends and technologies. In addition, it could add a boost to the team member engagement strategy as they feel valued for their skills.


5. Enhance Data Security 

Data security is a crucial concern when adopting mobile HR solutions. Implement strict security measures such as encryption, two-factor authentication, and secure cloud storage to ensure that sensitive HR data remains safe and confidential. Doing so also keeps the company from run-ins with the various laws surrounding privacy.


6. Implement A BYOD Policy

A Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy can help drive the adoption of mobile HR solutions. By allowing employees to use their devices for work, you can ensure high user adoption rates while saving on the cost of providing company-owned devices.


7. Provide On-Demand Support 

Having a dedicated support team for mobile HR issues is crucial. Not only will the quick resolution of problems increase, but user satisfaction and the adoption of mobile HR solutions will also improve. In addition, the company and the HR team will know someone is always there to assist, giving them peace of mind.


8. Regularly Update And Maintain Your Mobile HR Tools

Keeping your mobile HR tools up-to-date and well-maintained could meet your HR department's needs and retain its user-friendliness. Regular maintenance also helps identify and fix any security vulnerabilities or bugs in the software and ensures it’s compatible with other software integrations.

9. Encourage Employee Feedback

Encouraging regular feedback from HR team members can provide valuable insights into where improvements are needed. After all, they’re the ones who work with the system each day. They may have new ideas to streamline the processes even more to ensure your mobile HR solutions meet everyone's needs. Also, it could enhance their user experience.


10. Stay Updated With Mobile HR Trends 

The world of mobile HR is constantly evolving. Therefore, it's no longer only viable to just update an app. Businesses that stay abreast of the latest trends and technologies remain competitive and improve the work conditions for their HR team.

Younger, skilled employees may even resign if they lack the latest tools to make their workday more efficient. Antiquated processes and procedures become more of a schlep and could frustrate the HR department.


Final Words

A mobile-friendly HR department is no longer optional in the digital age. It's vital to a modern, efficient, and user-friendly HR service. By adopting these tips, you can transform your HR department into a powerhouse that meets the needs of your workforce.

Leap toward the future today and elevate your HR department to new heights of efficiency and convenience. Your employees will thank you and your business will reap the benefits.

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