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Assistant Farm Manager   FMCG   Harare

Wanted is a Assistant Farm Manager to join an organisation in the FMCG sector in Harare . Candidates invited to apply.  

Salary: Not specified    Applications Received:  11    Job Posted: 2021-09-09 05:20:20    Job Deadline: 2021-10-30    Job Status: Receiving Applications (Open)

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Years of Experience: 5

Job Description:

Responsible for supervising the Water Section, Estate Development Section, Cattle section & Admin section for Harare South Farms as per instructions, requirements & SOPs Key Result Areas Key Result Area 1: Responsible for all the activities in the Water Section, Estate Development Section, Cattle section & Admin section for Harare South Farms Major Activities required in achieving desired output: Meets with Manager Harare South Farms daily to discuss daily activities in line with yearly/monthly/daily plan Meets with Cattle Foreman, Farm Clerk, Farm Plumber & Farm Tractor Drivers daily to coordinate daily tasks Conducts spot checks daily to ensure that all agreed tasks are performed according to plan Responsible for fertilization, liming & weed control of pastures Communicates any water issues immediately with all IZIM sections HODs & Superior Prepares all farms requisitions and submits to Superior for authorization & signature Communicates approved operational issues with IZIM stakeholders Updates work-in-progress to superior daily Ensures all sections production targets are met Conducts water chlorination test check on an adhoc basis Physically check the dam water level monthly Monitors all water equipment & infrastructure to ensure good working order and organises repairs with relevant staff Conducts bird proofing checks randomly Ensures all admin records are up-to-date and filed correctly Monitors fuel tanks & pumps randomly and ensures that fuel records are accurate and sent to Vehicle Workshops Prepares petrol requisitions and submits to Superior for authorization & signature to ensure fuel levels are above replenishment level Participates in monthly stocktakes with IDOC Accountant Liaises with IZIM sections HODs with all IZIM requirements Reconciles fuel, water, milk, transport charges with all relevant IZIM sections, submits reconciliation to Superior for authorization and then to IZIM section Receives GRVs & sends to IDOC Accountant Acts as Farm Manager when Superior is on leave Extent of Discretion; Incumbent liaises with Manager Harare South Farms Key Result Area 2: Responsible for supervising the farms labour Major Activities required in achieving desired output: Conducts specific training with all new staff on QA standards & general training with existing staff when needed Conducts spot checks to ensure staff attendance is recorded correctly Monitors all HR related issues with Farm Manager Coordinates housing allocation on the Harare South farms, gets approval & sign off from Superior & submits to IDOC Accountant Monitors villages population to ensure that the correct occupants are present Ensures that housing occupation tallies with housing records Conducts disciplinary action with farm labour when needed Physically conducts house checks and records any anomalies on housing occupation form Ensures that the notice board is update regularly Extent of Discretion; Incumbent liaises with Superior Key Result Area 3: Responsible for the maintenance & repairs on Harare South Farms as instructed or when needed Major Activities required in achieving desired output: Monitors & supervises the maintenance of the water plant Randomly checks that all equipment registers are up-to-date & that each piece of equipment is signed for by the user Physically checks the appearance of the farms regularly & instructs relevant staff to repair or fix when necessary Physically checks the condition of the wildlife to ensure optimal condition

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