Ecobank ZImbabwe
4.88 Star

" Great"


4.88 Star

" Wellness programs are in place, one need to strike the balance on his or her own"


Murowa Diamonds
4.76 Star

" Gives employees time to relax offering sports days and facilities"


Minerva Risk Advisors
4.71 Star

" balance is available"


Coronation Solutions (Pvt) Ltd
4.66 Star

" Coronation is a fairly new company with one year in existence but the Employer ensures Work Life balance is maintained despite the pressures of operating a new company in a VUCA economy"


Rural Electrification Agency
4.49 Star

" As an intern, supervisor -intern relationship was super"


July28 Consulting Pvt Ltd
4.33 Star

" At July28, you work really hard. A great place to be if you want to be an accountant who gets it, or a consultant who knows how to speak to people."


4.29 Star

" Good"


4.25 Star

" ok"


PSI Zimbabwe
4.16 Star

" A number of wellness programs braai days are fun"


Ultra Solutions Zim
4.13 Star

" Good"


4.08 Star

" Provides flexible time to attend to family"


4.08 Star

" Excellent"


Barmlo Investments
4.06 Star

" comment suspended"


Africa University
4.01 Star

" Work load for administrative staff is high due to dynamic nature of the environment "


3.71 Star

" Seasonal. The busy season tension is compensated by a more relaxed period."


3.65 Star

" the job is very demanding. at times one has to work overtime and failure to come for overtime has an impact on whether you get promoted or note. for other job positions such as overseer miners, shift bosses and captains they spend almost 15 hours at the work place"


Victoria Falls Safari lodge
3.64 Star

" Very good"


3.46 Star

" there a great human side of the organisation"


NicoZDiamond Insurance
3.43 Star

" The system was still facing teething challenges hence in order to produce monthly accounts , overtime had to be done "