Security Manager

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Security Manager   N/A   Harare

Wanted is a Security Manager to join an organisation in the N/A sector in Harare . Candidates invited to apply.  

Salary: Not specified    Applications Received:  31    Job Posted: 2021-07-16 06:53:52    Job Deadline: 2021-07-31    Job Status: Awaiting Response from Client

(50 % (Awaiting Response from Client))


Years of Experience: 5

Job Description:

Duties and Responsibilities Formulation and implementation of security strategies for the company; Developing, implementing and communicating security policies and procedures; Ensuring all key guarding points are well manned and secured throughout; Coordinating and liaising with key internal management, law enforcement and other relevant Government security agencies on security protocols; Developing and monitoring security operations budget and reviewing financial reports to ensure efficiency and quality of operations; Generating concise reports on internal investigations, losses, or violations of regulations, policies and procedures and communicating these to relevant authorities; Conducting safety and security inspections; Negotiating and reviewing safety and security contracts; Coordinating and providing expert advice in the sourcing and installation of fire and security equipment; Training Group staff on security matters; Ensuring safety and security of the company's assets, staff and clients in a cost effective manner; Management of security personnel. Qualifications and Experience Diploma or Degree in Security Studies; Minimum of 5 years experience in the Security sector of which at least 2 years should be at leadership level; Trained and effective in the use of firearms; Knowledge and experience in CCTV management processes, forensic investigation processes and other security management technology processes; Clean class 4 driver’s licence.

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2018 Security Manager salary range

Benefit Salary Range
Basic Salary: US$ 1,898 - US$ 3,846
Total Direct Cash: US$ 1,921 - US$ 3,869
Total Package: US$ 2,594 - US$ 5,026

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