Organizational Development Officer

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Energy and Oil - Harare

Wanted is a Organizational Development Officer to join an organisation in the Energy and Oil sector in Harare . Candidates invited to apply.  

Salary: USD860.00    Applications Received:  36    Job Posted: 2022-01-18 02:16:12    Job Deadline: 2022-01-28    Job Status: Placement



Years of Experience: 3

Job Description:

Position: Organisational Development Officer

Duty Station: Harare

Position Summary:

The position exists to support the Human Resources Department in delivering initiatives that help shape and deliver continuous programmes for change. Coordinate and support the development and delivery of effective learning & development programmes, organisational development initiatives. and the development of a learning culture that promotes the ongoing development of staff and collaboration between teams.

Key Accountabilities

Performance Management

  1. Contribute to the design, raising awareness, implementation and monitoring of a performance management system.
  2. Reviewing, analyzing and monitoring performance management results and produce monthly reports for review by Head of Division
  3. Developing and implementing performance improvement and capacity building plans.
  4. Providing support and coordination on various projects and activities related to the performance management process.
  5. Contributing expertise to the development and delivery of performance management training manuals, policies and procedures.
  6. Develop performance calendar and keep track of individual performance outcomes of employees ensuring that agreed objectives are met before next performance review cycle

Learning and Development

  1. Identify learning and development needs within an organisation through job analysis, performance management review and regular consultation with line managers and human resources.
  2. Design and expand training and development programmes based on the needs of the individual or team and organisation.
  3. Liaise with training providers to ensure appropriate training, setup and equipment requirements are provided.
  4. Design and deliver in-house briefings, workshops and other required course materials and other documents such as handouts, manuals and exercises.
  5. Coordinate and monitor the implementation of training matrix and budget throughout the year.
  6. Ensure systematic capture of corporate training records and data.
  7. Collect and analyze training data to identify areas of effectiveness, return on investment, cost benefit analysis and any areas for improvement for reporting purposes.
  8. Develop, monitor and review progress of the group induction and traineeship program.

People and Culture

  1. Identify challenges, gaps and opportunities that impact on organisation and cultural change.
  2. Contribute to the development of organizational Development Policies and Procedures to ensure they are relevant, up to date and reflective of best practice
  3. Contributing to the restructuring of departments when need arises to increase efficiency and align activities with business objectives
  4. Implement change projects, initiatives, and solutions to develop a culture of partnership, innovation and excellence.
  5. Carrying out culture audits and climate surveys within the business to gauge the level of employee engagement to the mission, vision and values of the business.
  6. Support culture and workplace activities, such as staff retreats and cultural initiatives

Qualifications and competences

  • At least a degree in Industrial Psychology, Psychology or Human Resources Management from a reputable institution
  • At least 3 years’ in a similar role
  • Knowledge acquisition and transfer
  • Organizational Commitment
  • Teamwork and Cooperation
  • Proficient collaborative and analytical skills
  • Excellent communication skills

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