An experiential discussion on consulting project management

Milton Jack / Posted On: 29 November 2020 / Updated On: 21 October 2021 / Organisational Development / 1

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An experiential discussion on consulting project management

Consulting is a challenging profession! As a consultant, you are often managing projects and much of your consulting success depends on your clients' success. Time is money, especially in consultancy. This means that project management isn't just a way to track what is or is not done; it is the best way to make sure resources are being used strategically, that output is maximized, and that progress is in line with projections and commitments.


However, quite often consultants are faced with problems and situations in which only their ability to manage clients' expectations, identify a risk triggering event, maintain clear communication lines with all stakeholders, or control scope creep can protect them from failures and assured expected results. In this article, we had a question and answer discussion with one of our consultants Milton T Jack an Organisational Development Specialist about his experiences with regards to consulting project management when doing client work.

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