Allied Universal Human Resources: Everything you need to know

Allied Universal Human Resources: Everything you need to know
Last Updated: May 6, 2024

Allied Universal is a prominent provider of security and facility services. The company is headquartered in Irvine, California, and has 306 office locations across the United States and Canada. They have a workforce that exceeds 800,000 employees. The basis of the company's success lies in its human resources department, which manages and nurtures the organization's most valuable asset – its employees.

The HR department is essential in implementing strategic human resource management practices that enhance organizational performance. This includes recruitment, performance management, and employee development. These practices ensure that the organization can compete effectively in the knowledge economy (Goswami, 2018). In the case of Allied Universal, the HR department is a driver of the company's growth and contributes to maintaining its competitive edge within the industry.

History of Allied Universal Human Resources

Allied Universal was formed in 2016 following the merger of two industry giants, Universal Services of America and AlliedBarton Security Services. This merger created the largest security guard company in North America, with combined revenues of approximately $4.5 billion. It also brought together the expertise of both entities and solidified Allied Universal's position as a powerhouse in the security and facility services sector.

The evolution of the human resources department at Allied Universal has mirrored the business's expansion. At first, concentrating on typical HR functions like recruitment, payroll, and benefits administration, the Human Resources team transitioned into a more calculated role as the company expanded.

A research study carried out by the Boston Consulting Group highlights the advantages of investing in strategic human resources management, suggesting that businesses can attain a 3.5 times greater return on investment in contrast to those concentrating entirely on administrative HR duties. This tactical technique appears in Allied Universal's HR practices.

The industry average turnover rate in the security services sector is very high. Allied Universal has had a very high turnover rate, with data collected from over 11,380 employees having an overall rating of 3.1 out of 5 on Glassdoor. On top of that, the U.S. Department of Labor estimates that the cost of turnover is 25 to 33 percent of the annual salary of each employee. Companies that focus on aligning employee interests with organizational objectives foster a loyal workforce (Silva, Carvalho, & Dias, 2019). Allied Universal has implemented many strategies to curb the turnover rate and retain its employees. 

In 2021, Allied Universal's HR division carried out a considerable rebuilding targeted at improving the employee experience as well as driving business efficiency. This restructuring consisted of the application of a brand-new HR technology system, which has structured numerous HR procedures and assisted in data-driven decision-making. They also launched an "employer of choice" strategy to promote the company's opportunities and create an exceptional employee experience.

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Role of Human Resources at Allied Universal


The human resources department at Allied Universal plays a multifaceted role in supporting the company's overall objectives. According to a report by the SHRM Foundation, the key responsibilities of HR professionals in the modern business landscape include:

  1. Talent Management: Attracting, developing, and retaining top talent to support the company's growth and operational needs.
  2. Employee Engagement: Fostering a positive work culture, promoting employee well-being, and ensuring high levels of job satisfaction.
  3. Organizational Effectiveness: Aligning HR strategies with the company's business goals and driving continuous improvement in organizational performance.
  4. Compliance and Risk Management: Ensuring adherence to labor laws, regulations, and industry standards while mitigating potential legal and reputational risks.

Allied Universal Human Resources is in charge of performing these essential functions, adding to the business's total success and competitive advantage. By focusing on talent management and employee engagement, the HR team has become a strategic partner in driving the company's development and growth.

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Allied Human Resources Policies and Procedures

Allied Universal human resources is in charge of creating and carrying out detailed policies and procedures that control different elements of the employee lifecycle. These policies and procedures are made to guarantee uniformity, fairness, and compliance with appropriate labor legislation and industry regulations.

Some of the key policy areas managed by the Allied Universal human resources include:

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Recruitment and Training

Allied Universal's recruitment and training procedures are made to draw in, develop, and retain top talent to sustain the business's development and functional requirements. The business's employment technique targets the very best prospects for numerous functions within the company making sure that prospects are chosen based on their abilities, experience, and fit with the company's culture and values.

Diversity in the workforce, which includes elements like age, gender, ethnicity, and educational background, is typically positively correlated with corporate performance (Sanyang & Othman, 2019). According to a report by Zippia, Allied Universal has a diverse workforce of approximately 800,000 employees, with 38% of employees being women and 62% being men. The company's commitment to diversity and inclusion is reflected in its recruitment and training programs, which aim to increase diversity and inclusion across the organization, particularly within management positions. Investments in training and development also foster innovative performance by improving learning practices within the organization. Prioritizing staff development increases an organization's ability to create an inventive environment that welcomes novel concepts and cutting-edge technologies (Sung & Choi, 2013).

Employee performance is directly impacted by human resource development, which includes opportunities for training and career advancement. Businesses that support their workers' development witness a notable boost in output and job contentment, which consequently enhances the overall success of the firm (Kareem & Hussein, 2019). Allied Universal's training and development programs have gained acknowledgment for their excellence. In 2023, the company gained a Training APEX Award from Training magazine, acknowledging its best-in-class employee training and development programs. The company's training programs are made to boost employee skills and knowledge while also supporting career advancement and employee retention.

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Employee Benefits and Development

Employee satisfaction with work-life benefits such as telework, health and wellness programs, and childcare positively correlates with higher organizational commitment (Caillier, 2013). Allied Universal provides a variety of benefits to its employees, consisting of health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off. The company's benefits package is created to support the well-being of its employees and their families. They are also a way of recognizing the value that the employees bring to the organization. 

Allied Universal's employee benefits are designed to meet the individual needs of its employees, with a focus on controlling costs for employees and clients. The company's benefit offerings are based on the Affordable Care Act, which requires employers to offer healthcare benefit options to their employees. Allied Universal's benefits strategy is committed to doing what is in the best interests of its employees and clients, ensuring that its benefits offerings meet or exceed the benefit options required by the ACA.

Workplace Culture and Diversity

Allied Universal is committed to creating a positive work culture that values diversity, equity, and inclusion. The company's culture is built on a foundation of respect, trust, and open communication and is designed to support the well-being of its employees and the communities it serves.

Incorporating diverse cultural practices and values enhances performance by promoting inclusivity and leveraging varied perspectives (Abdullah, Mustafa, Yildiran, & Fidan, 2022). Allied Universal's most common ethnicity is White, with 39% of employees identifying as Hispanic or Latino. The company's diversity and inclusion initiatives aim to increase diversity and inclusion across the organization, particularly within management positions. Allied Universal's commitment to diversity and inclusion is reflected in its Code of Ethics, which prohibits discrimination against any employee or applicant on the basis of any legally protected characteristic or status.

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Employee Relations and Conflict Resolution

Allied Universal's employee relations and conflict resolution processes are designed to support the well-being of its employees and the organization as a whole. The company's approach to conflict resolution is based on a foundation of respect, empathy, and open communication. It is designed to promote a positive work culture and support employee well-being.

Allied Universal's employee relations and conflict resolution processes are designed to foster a culture of open communication and trust among employees. The company's conflict resolution strategies aim to promote healthy employee relations and create a harmonious work environment, reducing employee turnover rates and encouraging loyalty and commitment among staff members.

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Allied Universal's compliance and legal aspects are managed through a combination of internal policies and procedures, as well as external legal and regulatory requirements. The company's compliance and legal aspects are designed to support the well-being of its employees and the organization as a whole while also ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Allied Universal's compliance and legal aspects are managed through a Code of Ethics, which prohibits discrimination against any employee or applicant on the basis of any legally protected characteristic or status. The company's Code of Ethics also prohibits retaliation against employees for having made a good-faith complaint or participating in any related investigation.


At Allied Universal, the human resources division is essential to achieving the organization's goals. The HR department is in charge of overseeing several facets of the employee lifecycle, from hiring and training to benefits and development.

Allied Universal Human Resources has developed into a key collaborator in fostering the expansion and innovation of the business by placing a high priority on talent management, employee engagement, and organizational performance. The HR department will continue to be essential to the health of the firm and its employees because of the company's dedication to compliance and legal matters, as well as its emphasis on innovation and strategic alliances.

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