Conscientiousness: Everything you need to know 2

17/12/2021 11:39 AM

What is Conscientiousness?

Conscientiousness includes orderliness, the pursuit of achievement, self-discipline, and careful consideration. Costantini, Saraulli, and Perugini (2020) describe conscientious people as goal-oriented, determined, punctual and reliable.


Conscientiousness is also defined as a range of constructs that describe individual differences in the propensity to be rule-abiding, hardworking, self-controlled, orderly, and responsible to others (Roberts, Jackson, Fayard, Edmunds, and Mainz, 2009).


Conscientiousness is related to better health, fewer criminal activities, and better economic, interpersonal, and workplace outcomes (Roberts et al., 2009, Chapter 25).


According to Roberts, Hill, and Davis (2017), revealing conscientious behaviour is essential for several reasons. First, it will increase our understanding of the trait itself because it can clarify or enhance the range of potential aspects that constitute the field of conscientiousness.


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