Assessment Centres: A Guide

31/05/2021 4:14 PM

What is an Assessment Centre?

This white paper intends to provide organisational practitioners and decision-makers with practical guidelines on using the Assessment Centre as part of the organisations recruitment and selection strategy. Schlebusch & Roodt (2008) defined an AC as a standardised assessment process where one or more participants complete multiple behavioural simulation exercises and are observed by various assessors trained to observe and evaluate each participant against several predetermined job-related behavioural constructs known as competencies. The International Task Force on Assessment Centre Guidelines (2009) defined an AC as a standardised procedure to evaluate behavioural dimensions with multiple methods and multiple assessors. Some of the AC exercises include, among other things: leaderless group discussion, presentation, role play and in-basket. According to Krause & Thornton (2009), some of the assessed generic competencies include communication, problem-solving, organising, and planning.


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