Sue Elliott

To the team at Industrial Psychology Consultants,
I would like to thank you for the competent and efficient service you provided for me recently when both of my teenage children undertook your psychometric assessment.

I called you after seeing a flyer which was sent out from Peterhouse School. The initial contact and payment process was professionally handled by Thandeka, following which, the link to the online assessment was sent to my kids. The test is quite long but seems to be clear, comprehensive and easy to follow. At least it does not have to completed all in one go!

Once the tests were completed, I was contacted by your psychologist, Mr. Nguwi, on a Whatsapp call, during which the main details of the results each child had scored on the test were discussed with both the child concerned and me and I was able to ask questions. Later I received more detailed written reports.

The assessment is most useful to me, as a parent, in identifying areas of weakness that I might be able to assist my children with, such as poor attention to detail and forward planning (for exams.) The areas where each child shows strength or interest will be helpful to identify future careers and the personality section provided some insight as to whether they should be looking at working with people or machines. As such, the tests will be very useful in the next few years to help with study habits and eventually planning university choices.

Once again, my grateful thanks.