Salaries by Position

Salaries by Position

Discover how much your job is worth in the market.

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Salaries by Surveys

Salary Survey Reports

Find out if you are overpaying or underpaying your employees.

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Cost of living

Cost of Living

Discover the cost of maintaining a standard of living in Zimbabwe.

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We like to bring convenience to our client so we have provides an online store where you are able to purchase any of our products on this platform.

This section allows you to peep into what is trending on the market in terms of salaries. To employers, the section has full reports covering different sectors and different years. You can choose to purchase a report for a specific sector or the national report. These report will allow you to price your jobs competitively and in the process allow you the opportunity to attract and retain your top talent. I encourage you to look at these reports before you offer anyone a job at your organisation. This platform gives you the flexibility to get market salaries for the roles you want. You can choose one role or as many as you want. What you will get will depend on your needs as the platform is very flexible. Without knowing what the market is offering for certain roles, as an employer you could end overpaying or underpaying your employees.

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