Total votes: 0


What is one thing you do not want to do during the first interview?

Close by making plans for the next interview: 0
Connect with the interviewer: 0
Explain why you are a good fit: 0
Negotiate salary: 0


What should you avoid doing in advance when preparing for a job interview?

Learn about the company's issues and concerns: 0
Memorize the most important responses to interview questions: 0
Practice the most common interview questions and responses: 0
Research about the company: 0


Who is the most important person to meet politely and courteously?

All of the above: 0
The interviewer: 0
The receptionist: 0
The secretary: 0


You should only utilize examples from previous job experiences in your success stories during an interview.

False - because the interviewer also appreciates successes in other areas of life.: 0
True - because all the interviewer cares about is past job success.: 0


The employer is searching for the following things in every response you give:

Any of the above: 0
How you will save them money: 0
How you will save them time: 0
How you will solve their problem(s): 0


It is appropriate to imitate the interviewer's personality and tempo during the interview.

False - because this is condescending.: 0
True - because this will build rapport.: 0


During the first interview, make sure to bring up your salary requirements.

False - salary negotiations should take place later in the hiring process.: 0
True - because this will quickly reveal whether the company can afford you.: 0


If an employer asks an illegal question, you should:

Answer the question.: 0
Refuse to answer.: 0
Take them to court.: 0
Use your best judgment depending on the question and the circumstances.: 0


You should bring a copy of your resume to the interview.

False - because you will insult the interviewer by assuming he or she can't find it.: 0
True - because the interviewer may have trouble locating theirs.: 0


The best way to dress for success is to...

Be trendy: 0
Bring a sport coat, in case you need it.: 0
Dress comfortably: 0
Wear a formal suit: 0


When answering interview questions, it is important to:

Be general : 0
Be specific : 0
Seize control of the interview whenever possible: 0
Stretch the facts to look good: 0


If asked about any gaps in your work history, you should respond by:

Describing some volunteering and consulting you have done during that time.: 0
Explaining the crisis that led to the gap.: 0
Say that you work best when you have time off in between jobs.: 0
State that family is your top priority.: 0


At the start of an interview, you should:

All of the above: 0
Look around the interview's office for things to comment on. : 0
Shake the interviewer's hand firmly and look him or her in the eye. : 0
Try to find common interests. : 0

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