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Technical Manager   Medical Services   Harare Zimbabwe

Wanted is a Technical Manager to join an organisation in the Medical Services sector in Harare Zimbabwe . Candidates invited to apply.  

Applications Received:  12    Job Posted: 2020-07-29 03:32:20    Job Updated: 2020-07-29 03:32:20    Job Status: Receiving Applications (Open)

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Years of Experience: 2

Job Description:

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Implementation of the organisation’s policy to manage and maintain facilities
  • Keeping a register of all facilities, infrastructure and assets/equipment
  • Implementation of company Policy and Procedures to manage and maintain the hospital facilities and assets. Enforcement of hospital Policies and Procedures to staff members as well as contractors to ensure mitigating of all risks
  • Management of risks related to Technical infrastructure and assets related to all plant and equipment (Clinical and non-clinical)
  • Monitoring compliance with relevant regulations governing plant and equipment maintenance e.g. NSSA regulation
  • Equipment acquisition, upgrade, replacement and maintenance strategy formulation and execution.
  • Management of all the maintenance management system and ensuring that all equipment risks are managed to ensure that all repair and maintenance is conducted as and when required
  • Custodian of the asset management database ensuring reliability and validity of all data.
  • Preparing monthly reports and as requested, reports on staff, contractors, facility and assets of the hospital.
  • Financial and budgetary responsibility for the technical services department.
  • Management of all staff in the Technical Department
  • Safety custodian of all projects at the facility.
  • Project management of all building/renovations projects.
  • Managing Technical related Purchasing and Expenditure for the hospital.
  • Proper planning of use of resources
  • Ensure compliance with statutory requirements.
  • Quality and safety assurance during and after completion of contracts.
  • Ensure professional technical conduct at all times
  • Proper staff training, development and performance assessment to ensure the correct skills are provided for specific job.
  • Developing workplace skills plan, succession planning and skills transfer of staff.
  • Coaching and mentoring all technical staff and ensuring that all technical staff are trained to be legally competent for specific roles.
  • Training of other hospital staff on technical related issues

Qualifications and Experience

  • Degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering/Bio Medical Engineering/Engineering Mechatronics, or any related qualification.
  • Diploma in Project Management.
  • Experience in medical equipment.
  • Masters in Business Administration an added advantage.
  • Related experience in a managerial position

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