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Tourism and Hospitality - Harare

Wanted is a Statistician to join an organisation in the Tourism and Hospitality sector in Harare . Candidates invited to apply.  

Salary: Not specified    Applications Received:  59    Job Posted: 2017-09-18 15:00:00    Job Deadline: 2017-10-18    Job Status: Placement



Years of Experience: 3

Job Description:

The incumbent will be responsible to the MIS & Business Processes Manager


Basic Function


Responsible for the development of mathematical and statistical methods of collation of data, formulation and updating databases, evaluation, interpretation and presentation of companywide quantitative data. Use the query language to extract, combine and formulate a database from various databases.


Duties and Responsibilities:


Research and Development

  • Undertake surveys, audits or research to support service development e.g. lifestyle surveys, local data surveys, local research in line with organizational objectives.
  • Develop methodologies for the analysis and/or interpretation of data.
  • Regularly undertake R&D activity as a significant job requirement e.g. reasons for telecommunications research.

Communication and relationship

  • Communicate complex statistical information to stakeholders which may require persuasive skills.
  • Present complex information to relevant stakeholders.
  • Communicate highly complex statistical matters with other statistical professionals e.g. development of methodology.
  • Frequent contact with project sponsors to ensure appropriate user input and report progress.
  • Regular meetings with the manager to report on progress.
  • Regular meetings with team members for whom the post holder has a line management responsibility.
  • Meetings with user group(s) as appropriate.
  • Coaching and skills transfer for analytical and another staff.
  • Develop and deliver formal and complex statistical presentations to large groups of 20 or more.

Policy/Service Development

  • Identify, propose and implement changes to working practices to improve the quality of information delivery in own area.
  • Keep abreast of related national information developments as part of continuous professional development.
  • Work, store and transmit data in accordance with data protection, freedom of information systems and confidentiality principles.
  • Support colleagues within the team by developing, maintaining and documenting standard operational procedures relating to data collection processes, ensuring procedures are accurate and up-to-date.
  • Identify, propose and implement changes to working practices, concepts or procedures to improve the quality of information delivery which impacts beyond own area on other disciplines or parts of the service.

Planning and Organizational Skills

  • Ensure that all information is subject to standard quality and checking procedures, maintaining and enhancing the relevant documentation to contribute to the knowledge management and sharing within the team.
  • Deal with and self-prioritise conflicting demands, reviewing and adjusting priorities to meet frequently changing stakeholder needs, referring to other members of the team when necessary.
  • Manage several organisational information projects simultaneously, ensuring data accuracy.
  • Initiate and plan statistical work programmes and adjust meet stakeholder requirements.
  • Exhibit flexibility to allow for changes in information format, lack of information being provided and delays in receiving requested information.
  • Arrange meetings with colleagues to plan objectives and work commitments for multidisciplinary research, audits and projects.
  • Participate in the formal objectives setting and performance appraisal process within the organisation; taking a pro-active approach in the formulation of a personal development plan.
  • Maintain integrity always.

Formulation and updating of Statistical Repository

  • Create a companywide Statistical Repository to ensure all information is centralised
  • Gather information from various sources including transactional processing systems
  • Update the statistical repository to ensure it contains current data
  • Validate the data with the source to ensure data integrity
  • Investigate where there are acute variances in data sets and rectify if there are errors
  • Provide information requests from various stakeholders (executive, management and or various departments)

Information Resources

  • Adapt, design information systems concerning data intelligence to meet the needs of the service.
  • Be responsible for the operation of data intelligence information systems for department/service as a major responsibility.
  • Supervise the further development of the data management and analysis systems.  Creating systems and templates to make future analysis easier.
  • Support the dissemination of statistics and information to all stakeholders via several different media, electronically or written reports.
  • Work with colleagues in other public data intelligence networks to share and develop resources, knowledge and skills to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and accessibility of information and intelligence.

Human Resources

  • Provide advice to others on data collection, analysis and management.
  • Demonstrate activities and work routines to others in data management or data quality.
  • Supervise students or newer colleagues offering advice where required; regularly trains own staff and other disciplines on data collection and analysis.
  • Responsible for work allocation and supervision for junior members of staff.
  • Responsible for staff development through either 1:1 training or supporting training/continuous professional development sessions within the organization.
  • Provide ongoing specialist data/information management training including statistical analysis and concepts for intelligence staff or other professional staff.


Qualifications / Experience

  • BSc in Mathematics/statistics/Economics/Econometrics or other numerate discipline.
  • MSc in statistics is an added advantage
  • 3 years’ experience in Business Management environment.



  • Substantial experience in planning and carrying out statistical analyses.
  • Experience of analysis and management of large datasets.
  • Experience of statistical analysis of large Telecommunications databases, and in Data services research.
  • Experience in data mining using query language
  • Experience of explaining statistical concepts to non-statisticians.
  • Ability to work both independently and collaboratively.
  • Evidence of good time management, ability to meet strict deadlines and to manage multiple simultaneous projects.
  • Proven experience of communicating with people from diverse disciplines and providing clear explanations of statistical concepts to non-statisticians.


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2018 Statistician salary range

Benefit Salary Range
Basic Salary: US$ 1,177 - US$ 2,397
Total Direct Cash: US$ 1,232 - US$ 2,397
Total Package: US$ 1,653 - US$ 3,802

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