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Head IT   N/A   Harare

Wanted is a Head IT to join an organisation in the N/A sector in Harare . Candidates invited to apply.  

Applications Received:  10    Job Posted: 2021-01-13 23:54:56    Job Updated: 2021-01-13 23:54:56    Job Status: Receiving Applications (Open)

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Years of Experience: 6

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Job Description:

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develops the Annual Operating Plan for Information Technology from the agreed strategy and submits to the CIO for approval.
  • Reviews and approves the hardware and software maintenance plans as well as server deployment baselines developed by subordinates.
  • Controls monthly expenditure by monitoring financial movement as well as acting on usage of resources in the department.
  • Manages IT faults resolution in line with agreed operation level agreements.
  • Checks that all technology systems are properly configured to ensure that there is no financial loss.
  • Manages the maintenance on server’s hardware and operating system resources in line with agreed plans
  • Approves the requisitions for repairs and maintenance of IT equipment and submits to the Chief Information Officer
  • Manages the support of internet provision infrastructure and branch interconnectivity in line with service level agreements.
  • Manages and enforces adherence to the Cyber Security policy to ensure the organisation is not exposed to external threats.
  • Manages IP network faults management processes in line with approved operation level agreements.
  • Monitors compliance to IT information policy and provides necessary corrective measures on the identified gaps.
  • Identifies and detects potential threats on IT systems and develops interventions
  • Provides information to internal and external auditors and action identified findings in line with agreed timelines
  • Oversees technical recovery simulations sessions in conjunction with the systems analyst responsible
  • Develops the necessary plan/s to ensure that the Department meets its agreed goals and objectives, meets staff on a pre-agreed basis, identifies and agrees key performance areas, key objectives/tasks and action plans.
  • In conjunction with Human Resources representatives ensures that members of staff are being rewarded fairly and the requisite HR policies, procedures and systems are being followed accurately.
  • Decides on the technologies and protocols used on IP Core networks.
  • Decides on network and IT security model, maintenance, upgrades and patching
  • Decides on server resources allocation and management.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems or equivalent
  • IT industry certifications
  • Experience in the IT Environment
  • Minimum 2 years of experience at senior management level
  • Member of the Computer Society of Zimbabwe
  • Ability to lead, manage and develop staff and employees
  • Ability to identify, communicate and ensure implementation of the agreed business objectives for the relevant unit.

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2018 Head IT salary range

Benefit Salary Range
Basic Salary: US 3,184 - US 6,108
Total Direct Cash: US 3,231 - US 6,154
Total Package: US 4,329 - US 8,859

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