Actuarial Manager

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Actuarial Manager   Banking   Harare

Wanted is a Actuarial Manager to join an organisation in the Banking sector in Harare . Candidates invited to apply.  

Salary: Not specified    Applications Received:  6    Job Posted: 2022-01-06 03:38:54    Job Deadline: 2022-01-21    Job Status: Receiving Applications (Open)

(0 % (Receiving Applications (Open)))


Years of Experience: 6

Job Description:

  • Degree in either Mathematics or Actuarial Science
  • Associate or Fellow
  • At least 6 years relevant experience
  • Should be a member of a Professional Group such as:
  1. ;Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (UK)
  2. Actuarial Society of Zimbabwe
  • Should be competent at Actuarial Systems (valuation and pricing)

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