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Everything you need to do so that you get promoted

Promotion is the advancement of an employee's rank or position in an organisational hierarchy system. According to Malam Payroll, employee promotions are executed by defined tracks by producing a report listing those entitled to ...

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How To Choose A Referee For Your CV

Introduction A CV, short for curriculum vitae, means “course of life”. It is a detailed document highlighting your professional and academic history. CVs include information such as work experience, achievements, and awards, scholarships, or grants ...

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When Covid Costs You a Pay Cut: How to deal with it

The impact of coronavirus on our jobs, industries, and pockets has been a sad tale. If you are lucky enough to currently be employed or are looking forward to resuming work after the pandemic, one ...

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How to Do a SWOT Analysis for Individual Betterment

Often the way competencies get deployed will differ from how another person with similar competencies will behave in a similar role. This is where a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) of the individual ...

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What to Do and What Not To Do in the Customer Service Industry

“A company’s most essential resource is its customers. Without a customer, your business won’t grow.” – Klinton Convicto  The act of customer service should be present on the showroom floor as it is in ...

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