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Blind hiring: Everything you need to know

Executive Summary This white paper looks at the concept of blind hiring, how it operates in practice and its potential benefits. Some progressive companies have designed their H.R. policies in line with blind hiring ...

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Assessment Centres

What is an Assessment Centre?   This white paper intends to provide organisational practitioners and decision-makers with practical guidelines on using the Assessment Centre as part of the organisation's recruitment and selection strategy. Schlebusch & Roodt (2008) defined ...

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Talent Acquisition Step by step process

Talent Acquisition is the process of identifying, attracting, engaging, and retaining highly qualified and talented individuals.  Alternatively, Talent acquisition is defined as finding and acquiring skilled human labor for organisational needs. According to (Recruiter 2019), talent ...

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What is inclusive Hiring?

Diversity is about recognizing the differences we see in people: be it age, gender, ethnicity, culture, religion, disability, education, or nationality while providing an equal opportunity to work, whereas inclusive goes deeper into respecting and ...

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Best practices for designing a bias-free job application blank

A Blank Application Form is intended to get a written record of candidates' details;  educational details, employment history, marital status,  physical data, extra-curriculum activities, and references. Improper selection can have far-reaching repercussions for any organization ...

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What is Talent Management?

According to Gallardo et al. (2013), they are different forms of talent definitions in the academic literature, and they encompass the conceptualization of talent through two approaches; the Object approach (Talent as characteristics of people) and ...

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Management Styles: Everything you need to know

What is management style? Management style is one of the important factors that affect organisational effectiveness. According to  Khandwalla (1995),  management style is the distinctive way in which an organisation makes decisions and discharges various functions, ...

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