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Merit Pay: Everything you need to know

Introduction Employees perform at various levels of success. Individual differences in innate skills, experience, motivation, and conscientiousness are credited for how people in a similar role can produce results that differ considerably.This is what ...

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A practitioners guide to the types of Job Analysis

Job analysis is an important function in the field of human capital management. Its history is centuries old. Societies that succeeded were predicated on the efficient expenditure of energy for a common goal. That also ...

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15 Virtual Team Building Games for Remote Teams in 2021

With just a click of a button, you can have productive discussions with over ten different people, all in different time zones. Companies like Facebook, Salesforce, Uber, Alibaba, and Airbnb have thousands of employees worldwide, ...

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Performance appraisal: Everything you need to know

Whether it was a school project, group assignment, or corporate team project, we have all been in situations where we have worked on a critical task with team members that do not pull their weight. ...

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