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naomi stanford


Organisation Design Consultant

Naomi Stanford is a consultant for organizational design headquartered outside of Washington, DC. She worked as a senior organisational development consultant for M&S, BA, Xerox, PwC, and Prudential before migrating to America.

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The future of organization design

Last week this email arrived: “I hope this note finds you well. We are in the final weeks of the organization design program for cohort 2. Your slot, part of session 10, is ‘the future of Organisation ...

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Cultural influencers: how to shift and sustain organizational culture

The research team at non-profit APQC is conducting a study on how organizations shift and sustain organizational culture. As part of their research, they are conducting interviews ‘with a range of individuals who have expertise ...

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The future workplace is hybrid: are you ready?

How would you answer the question ‘Are we clear yet what the problem is that hybrid working is trying to solve?’ It came up in the webinar chat the other week when I and some ...

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Toxic workplace cultures

Raconteur had an article this week on toxic workplace cultures. This coincided with some discussions I’ve been having with people who are suffering demoralization and high stress as they experience what they describe as ...

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Why organisation design matters

This is the last of my blogs relating to the forthcoming third edition of my book “Guide to Organisation Design,”.  This morning, 31 May, I sent the entire book off to the publisher.  It will be ...

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