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How to get an entry level job

Introduction As a recent university graduate, I understand the anxiety and stress of finding an entry-level job. Here are a few tips on making this process a little easier and quicker for those who have ...

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Presentism: Facts and Figures

Presentism is when employees come to work despite their physical or psychological illness, resulting in them being unable to execute their duties fully. The notion of presentism prompts why an individual would come to work ...

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KSAOS - Step by step guide to understanding KSAOs

KSAOs is a common abbreviation in human capital that stands for Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and other characteristics. KSAOs are attributes of an applicant or an employee that are used for personnel selection, performance appraisal, and ...

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Team building icebreakers

Suppose you have ever been in a new environment with new people you had to collaborate with. In that case, ice-breaking activities were done to initiate conversation between you and the other participants. This article ...

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Why should we hire you

Introduction If you have ever been in an interview, chances are you've been asked the question 'Why should we hire you?' This is one of the most popular interview questions, and it is crucial ...

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