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Conscientiousness: Everything you need to know

What is Conscientiousness? Conscientiousness includes orderliness, the pursuit of achievement, self-discipline, and careful consideration. Costantini, Saraulli, and Perugini (2020) describe conscientious people as "goal-oriented, determined, punctual and reliable."   Conscientiousness is also defined as a range of ...

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Psychometric Test Best Practice

Introduction To keep up with the evolving labour market and remain competitive, any company needs to be at the forefront of its field (Fernandes, 2011). Maintaining this position involves not only updating equipment and improving infrastructure ...

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Conscientiousness: Everything you need to know

Conscientiousness is a personality trait known for being organized, goal-focused and achievement-oriented.  Becoming conscientious can help a person stay organized and handle complex tasks. Highly conscientious people tend to be ambitious, reliable, and thoughtful, making ...

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Job requisition: All you need to know

Job requisition is an essential step in the recruitment process. It helps companies prioritize their recruitment needs, simplify the recruitment process and make better choices, but it can also act as a system of checks ...

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Leadership coaching styles: Everything you need to know

Introduction With the introduction of leadership coaching as a strategy for human capital development and organizational enhancement, business decision-makers are now choosing to add value to their firms by improving the quality of their leaders.   ...

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Cluster B Personality disorders: Everything you need to know

Introduction Personality disorders (PDs) are described as neurotic behaviours and maladaptive, pervasive and rigid (Dixon-Gordon et al., 2015). Individuals with Personality disorders (PDs) are typically seriously influenced in social interactions or put tremendous stress on others.   ...

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Employee Health and why it matters to HR

Providing employees with tools to manage and improve their health is not just the right thing to do, it’s a winning business strategy. For great workplace productivity, the health of your employees is the ...

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