Memory Nguwi

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memory nguwi


Registered Occupational Psychologist | Managing Consultant at Industrial Psychology Consultants

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Cost of Living Expenses Report December 2021

Industrial Psychology Consultants carried out a cost of living expenses survey for executives, senior managers, middle managers, officers/Professionals, and National Employment Council (NEC) level employees. The information is represented in the form of averages. ...

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2021 Executive Succession Planning in Zimbabwe Survey Report

Summary of Key Findings A total of 31% of participating organizations have a formal succession plan for their CEO. Only 39% of participating organizations have a formal succession plan for all Senior Executives. 76% of the participating organisations ...

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Employee confidence survey report Q3 - October 2021

Zimbabwe's Economy is Set for Recovery, but Key Risks Remain The World Bank 2021 With the economy being predicted to be on a path of improvement, we sought to find out the general opinion of Zimbabweans ...

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Career Guidance For Children

Memory Nguwi shares Career Guidance For Children With Parents

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"Zimbabweans' IQ is lower than the African average"

Talent Chademana interviews Memory Nguwi, an HR practitioner and Consultant on his claims that Zimbabwea's IQ is lower than the African average. Listen in to hear more.

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Employment Counter Offer - Everything you need to know

A job counteroffer occurs when an employee has notified an employer of their intention to leave, and their employer reacts by offering them a better employment deal for them to stay. The intention to leave ...

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Organisational culture and why organisational culture change fails

In this article, I have solicited the views of top thinkers in the field of organisational culture. They shared with me their opinions on organisational culture, the best approach to change organisational culture, and why ...

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Salary Range: Everything you need to know

Contents What are salary ranges? How to establish salary ranges? Salary range minimum and salary range maximum Salary range midpoint The formula for calculating the midpoint of a salary range is as follows Salary Range ...

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How to motivate your staff during a hyperinflation period: A case of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe went through one of the worst economic periods in the history of humanity.  The period was characterised by hyperinflation and the worst economic performance in the history of the country. Hyperinflation was between the ...

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Remuneration outlook for Zimbabwe

The issue of remuneration remains topical in Zimbabwe largely because workers feel they are not being remunerated enough while employers feel they can not afford some of the wage demands.  Before we go into the ...

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