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The effects of working from home for employees & the organisation

Introduction The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically altered the workplace by forcing many companies to switch to remote work; initially, companies did this to slow down the spread of the virus, but others have switched to ...

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Doctor salaries: Everything you need to know

Why do doctors earn a good salary? Doctors' earnings are frequently directly linked to the specialization they practice and the location in which they practice it. Entrepreneurial drive, natural talent, and charisma may also be ...

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President Salaries - Everything You Need to Know

The purpose of this article is to provide insight into the salaries of presidents. Most people view the role of the President to be the pinnacle of employment. Under this view, it is both common ...

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The average pay for Nurses - A Global perspective

The purpose of this article is to give insight into the average pay for nurses using a global lens. Remuneration levels vary by geographic region. This is primarily due to economic factors in conjunction with ...

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Absenteeism in the workplace: Impact, causes, and policies

Introduction Absenteeism in the office is a recurring problem that has caused resulted in legions of companies suffering great loss, both real and opportunity costs. Absenteeism, commonly known as a bottom-line killer, has an impact ...

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How to establish salary ranges

Salary ranges speak on the level of remuneration an organization is paying its employees. It does not speak on the company's capability but on what the company is doing in practice.   Employers can use salary ...

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