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Examples of Employee Assistance programs that every employer should know

John is a 43-year-old man. He works at one of the top investment firms in the country. As far as his supervisors are concerned, John works very hard and his clients love him. Over the ...

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Employee self-evaluation and how to do them well

Employee self-evaluation and how to do them well It is a common practice for organizations to conduct employee self-evaluations. Self-evaluations assess individual performance, identify the cause of productivity issues and encourage employee self-awareness. Periodic evaluation ...

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How to survive a pandemic

The world is in pandemonium. Businesses are closing and the word in the streets is “survival”. How has the world coped with this pandemic a year later? Many corporates face premature closure due to a ...

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How to be the best employer there can be

Ever wondered what it takes or what qualifies other companies to be employers of choice and others failing to meet the mark? Year after year, the Fortune 500 list is published as well as the top ...

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Customer experience quotes to always remember

  Customer experience incorporates every aspect of a brand’s offering. This includes the quality of customer care, advertising, packaging, ease of use, product and service features, and reliability. Ebenezer (2015) defines customer experience as “…an interaction ...

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