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What you need to know about office romance

Office romance is the involvement in a romantic relationship between two members of the same organization with similar or different classification. This can be defined as a relationship where mutual desire and yearning for each ...

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Everything you need to know about Pay Equity

What is pay equity? Pay equity is the act of paying employees the same for the same value of work they perform while accounting for factors like experience level, job performance, skill, effort, responsibility and ...

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Things you need to know about Gender inequality in the workplace

Gender is a significant area of social and economic classification, and resulting in exclusion. There are clear gender disparities in material well-being irrespective of one's socio-economic status, although the degree or rate of disparity ...

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What is burnout in the workplace?

Burnout is the lack of meaning in one's job, combined with intellectual, emotional, or physical fatigue as the result of unresolved, long term stress. Even if you have a sit-down job with relatively low ...

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How to manage workforce diversity in the workplace

Workforce diversity is the bringing together of a variety of people to one workplace. This workforce will consist of people with a vast array of perspectives, backgrounds, and features.  Diversity means recognising that each individual ...

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