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A university professor, author, speaker, management coach, and management consultant

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What if...The Value of an Organization Guidance System

As a business or HR leader, what if you had solutions to the following cases and answers to the questions:   Leadership Case: A company has delivered well-received development programs for high potential leaders. They want ...

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Knowing Which Organization Capabilities Make a Difference

Talent matters; organization matters even more. In our research, the organization has four times more impact than talent on business results. Individual competencies are ingredients, but organization capabilities represent the recipe that combines ingredients into ...

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To Be More Effective in HR: Make the Whole More Than the Parts

Mike Ulrich, Pat Wright, and Erin Burns have recently shared the results of the eighth round of the HR Competency Study (HRCS). Sponsored by Ross Executive Education at the University of Michigan and The RBL ...

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Now that HR has joined business discussions, what do you have to contribute?

Let me begin with gratitude for thoughtful work by many who established HR issues as central to competitive advantage, strategic success, and financial performance. As a result of their work, HR (people and ideas) have ...

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How HR Must Rise to Today's Opportunity

The 2020–2021 crises (global health pandemic, political toxicity, social injustice, digital 4.0, emotional malaise, and economic uncertainty) could be called the people/organization crises. And in these last 18 months, the business context has placed human capability challenges ...

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