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Student at Industrial Psychology Consultants

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Competent leadership: What is it?

Introduction To define leadership better, we first have to define what it is not. At some point, we met people who were able to restore order or put people in a nice queue where they ...

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Employee Engagement & Business

Introduction To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace. - Doug Conant, CEO of Campbells Soup   A Gallup (October 2020) report revealed that 36% of employees are engaged at work. But what does ...

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Social skills to cultivate in your kids

Once a child is born, the stages of development begin. These include physical, emotional, mental and ultimately social skills. These developments are the epitome of the personality we will get out of a human being. ...

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Skills matrix: Everything you need to know

Though two people may work in one organization or even the same department, they probably carry different sets of skills.  After all these differences are what make an organization. When we, therefore, define operations in ...

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Inclusive workplace: The do's and don'ts

What It Is? An organization is a complex place with diverse kinds of personalities. People with different abilities are found in organisations and so are people with different disabilities.   Think of a place where all ...

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What Else Besides Remuneration?

There is no doubt money is a big motivation for staying in any organisation. When people apply for any position, their first consideration is how much they will earn in the organisation if they would ...

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Employee coaching and what you need to know

Coaching refers to the process of instructing and training someone to improve their skills. This is executed to achieve a specific immediate goal. In business, employee coaching is one of the vital steps to improving ...

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