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Its now 3.5 years since I graduated. I have not been employed. Should i still be hopeful

Tom   2020-09-16 08:52:29

Yes there is still hope

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'; Memory Nguwi   2020-10-06 04:47:13

The starting point is for you to find out why you are not being employed. Are people of your class in terms of education being employed? If you are the only one or you are a few lest you can then try to work on areas that need to be improved at a personal level. If similar people are also in the same predicament, it could be a country level problem. Even in that case volunteer for some of the work and get experience. Put that experience on your CV. Do not lose hope.

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Tom   2020-09-16 08:52:29

Its tricky wangu. But keep on trying

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Bridget   2020-06-12 07:58:35

Employment is not the only answer. Learn some digital skills online and try freelancing. The worst thing you can do is give up.

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WiriMato   2020-05-29 01:18:02

Keep hope alive colleague. Also don't be discouraged but failure to get a job but pursue your dreams and vision. Life does not end with employment but endeavour to work towards being an employer yourself. Use the knowledge and skills you have gained in school to start a small project.

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Is a Masters qualification really necessary to reach the Executive level in organisations?

Takunda   2020-08-04 03:50:01

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'; Janet   2020-07-17 02:48:45

It is necessary. Most of the executives I know have some sort of an MBA or equivalent qualification. Maybe you can be an executive without it but there are not many out there from my own assessment.

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Tino   2020-06-30 02:34:28


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I have 5 years working experience. I feel I need to do a career change. Is there career guidance for someone in a position like mine?

Memory Nguwi   2020-07-02 03:53:13

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'; Memory Nguwi   2020-07-02 03:53:13

Career guidance can be offered to anyone at whatever level. At IPC we also specialise in career guidance. First, you will need to take a 4-hour test, the results of which we will use to give you career guidance. The tests focus on your cognitive ability, personality and your own interests.

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I am looking for a school for my child. She is going for grade one soon. What factors should i be looking at to help select "the best" school for her?

   2020-06-30 02:41:09

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';    2020-06-30 02:41:09

Get referrals from colleagues. The best schools are found through referrals.

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I want to know the difference between the balanced scorecard and RBM?

Memory Nguwi   2020-08-12 12:29:27

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'; Memory Nguwi   2020-08-12 12:29:27

Both systems are results-oriented. The balanced scorecard specifically focuses on 4 perspectives; financial, customer, internal business process and learning and growth. RBM focus on inputs, outputs and impact without necessarily categorising them into perspectives.

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I was dissmissed in a meeting .No hearing no charges no nothing.This happened on the 6th of March up until now the company has not said a thing.What must I do?

   2020-06-30 02:29:54

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';    2020-06-30 02:29:54

The law in Zimbabwe does not allow for summary dismissal. What the company did is illegal. Go and report to your NEC if there is one. If not go and see a labour officer at the Ministry of Labour.

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