Personal Governance: how to successfully achieve it

Confidence in leadership is at an all-time low. Tales of incompetence or negligence dominate the headlines of businesses. Many reports paint a bleak picture of executives who crumble under the sheer weight of knowledge ...

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By Milton Jack

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These are the Ways Leaders Stifle Innovation

Innovation has become the focus for most organisations. More and more companies are encouraging creativeness and experimentation, with the aim of developing new products that may attract more business. Funds are being diverted to ...

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By Lindah Mavengere

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How to Master your next Virtual Interview

Under the lockdown, pandemic fear, and the current call for social distancing, it’s likely that your next interview could be a video or a telephone interview. The Nearly 75 percent of executives surveyed ...

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By Munodiwa Zvemhara

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How The Virus Has Affected New Businesses

A lot has changed in the last few months, and that is just putting things mildly. The world has stopped as everyone watched with disbelief the coronavirus pandemic spread its reach across every corner ...

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By Sifiso Dingani

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How to manage a small business during recession

Like spring, summer, fall and winter, an economic recession is a natural stage of an (economic) life cycle. And much like how any season can produce extreme weather, managing a small business in a ...

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By Benjamin Sombi

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